Why Does Lost Ark Take So Long To Launch?

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The main reason is Unreal Engine 3, which takes a lot of time to load texture because of the unavailability of dynamic texture streaming. It needs to be fixed timely or else the issue will persist all the time.

Many people have complained now that the game Lost Ark is taking a lot of time to get launched properly. Unlike other games on Steam, it doesn’t open quickly, as it takes a minute or more to get launched. 

So, the main question is why it is taking a long time to launch and how it can get solved. 

There might be many other reasons and if you are looking for the best solution then just stay with us and we will provide you with the best fixes for Lost Ark’s long load time. 

Does Lost Ark Load Faster On SSD?

why does lost ark take so long to launch

Yes, we can say that the SSD helps in providing a better gaming experience than HDD. The games get launched quickly when it is installed on SSD, it has a smooth gaming experience because of loading images and streaming assets from memory. 

But in the case of Load Ark, SSD enhances the speed just by 10%, so there is not a huge difference when you choose Ark load time SSD or HDD because the games are not optimized for quick loading. 

Why Does This Game Take Forever To Load

why does lost ark take so long to launch

If you are not aware of why it is taking more load time then here are the main reasons given below that will give you some idea.

# Game Installed In HDD

This is the biggest cause why Lost Ark is taking a lot of load time. We all know that SSD provides a smooth gaming experience and always loads games quickly. The game will take a lot of time if it is installed on HDD. 

# Using An Old PC

If you are using an old PC and expecting to run Lost Ark smoothly then you are living in a big myth. Lost Ark is a high-quality game and your PC should meet the basic requirements to run it smoothly.

You need to follow some basic graphics card requirements and a 64-bit compatible processor. 

# Unreal Engine 3

Another and the biggest cause of the slow loading of Lost Ark is Unreal Engine 3. Yes, if the network is not an issue then Unreal Engine 3 could be the culprit for you. 

Unreal Engine 3 takes a lot of time to steam the textures and if you want to upgrade it to Unreal Engine 3 then you may need to do a lot of work. 

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How Can I Make Items Load Faster In Lost Ark?

If you are facing issues of slow loading then you can use these ideas to get a permanent solution to it. 

# Exclude Lost Ark From Windows Defender

Whenever there is booting, Windows Defender scans the file and sometimes slows down the process of launching games. 

It can also slow down Lost Ark to launch, so the best option will be to disable it and check whether it makes any difference or not. To disable it, you need to follow the steps we have given below. 

  • First of all, users need to tap on the Start button and tap on Windows Security.
  • Then just tap on Virus and Threat protection where you can change the settings, so just tap on the Manage Settings option.
  • Now just turn the Real-Time Protection off and proceed further. 
  • It will stop the scanning of files or folders that are already given installed but the scheduled scan will stay continue. 

Users will have the option to remove a file or the whole folder at their convenience from Antivirus Scanning.

So start running Lost Ark immediately after making the changes and check whether the issue persists or not. 

# Easy Anti Cheat

We all are aware of the benefits of East Anti Cheat but there are some cons also. Yes, Easy Anti Cheat examines and inspects all the files of a game if there is any mod, which may slow down the process. 

So, if you want to run your game lag-free then you should disable Easy Anti Cheat. Once you did that, just check the game by launching it.

# Add Exclusion To Windows Security

Let us know how you can add exclusion to Windows Security –

  • At first, just tap on the Start button, then head to the Privacy and Security option, and tap on the Windows Security option. 
  • Now just tap on Virus and Threat Protection and then click on Manage Settings. 
  • There, you will find the option of Exclusion, just tap on it, and tap on the Add or Remove Exclusions. 
  • So, just tap on Add an Exclusion and choose the file or folder that you want to exclude from the list. 

That’s it, following the above steps will apply folder exclusion to all the folders within subfolder. 

# Update To Unreal Engine 4

Well, if you have tried everything and not getting the optimum solution to your problems then you need to upgrade to Unreal Engine 3.

The experts have also claimed that Unreal Engine 3 might be the biggest cause of the slow booting time of the Lost Ark game.

In general, Unreal Engine 3 takes a lot of time to load streaming textures because UE3 doesn’t have texture streaming that can reduce the loading time. 

Upgrading engines from UE3 to UE4 will not be an easy task because of incompatibility. It is never easy to upgrade to UE4 because you will need to do a lot of rework, which is somewhere not possible in this situation. 

Users can try these fixes to enhance the speed of the Lost Ark game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is Lost Ark Not Opening?
Ans. Lost Ark does not open when you are using the outdated graphic card on your Windows Operating system. You need to upgrade to the latest graphics card for uninterrupted services. The server may also be a reason for Lost Ark not opening. 

2. How Many Hours Does Lost Ark Take?
Ans. To complete the whole story of Lost Apk, you need to be an expert with some skills. You need to play for 35 hours and 37 minutes to finish the whole task.

It means if you are playing 4 hours daily then you need days to finish the game. 

3. Why Is The Lost Ark Queue So Long?
Ans. It depends, but if there is a queue of 10,000 players then it will take around 9 – 10 hours.

4. At What Time Does Lost Ark Launch?
Ans. Even, high-end PCs take a lot of time for launching Lost Ark games. But if you have an older PC then it may take up to 15 minutes. Once it is started, you will not have to wait anymore for playing the game. 

5. Can You Play Lost Ark On Windows 11?
Ans. If I talk about my experience then I didn’t face any issues in playing Lost Ark on Windows 11. But I have many people who have complained that Lost Ark is not responding or not working on their Windows 11.

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