Why Las Vegas Might Stand to Become an eGaming Mecca


For a long time, the archetypal image of Las Vegas was a person, somewhat advanced in age, perched on a stool, armed with a bucket full of quarters, all of which were about to be loaded into a flickering slot machine.

However, with many of the city’s resorts looking to the future, a subtle shift in approach has been underway in recent years, with the city bidding to attract more cultural capital in the form of sports teams and cool music acts. It’s also been trying to re-brand itself as an environmentally minded and forward thinking metropolis.

Part of this facelift has been the adoption of eSports and video games. This article looks at how Las Vegas is remodeling itself as a new hub for video gamers and eSports fans alike, as well as whether the trend is set to truly take hold.

Nevada’s First Video Game Hotel is in the Pipeline

At the start of 2020 it was announced that Las Vegas would be getting its very first video game-centric hotel, with legends of the video game world, Atari, releasing their plans to the public.

This move recognizes a growing trend in Sin City for resorts wanting to attract cash-rich millennials by offering them something far removed from the old Las Vegas stereotype. Expect a room service menu full of video game references and décor in keeping with classic button bashers of the past.

Traditional Resorts Make Room for eSports

It’s not just new hotel and resort developments that are getting on board with the gaming trend.

Other more traditional big-name Las Vegas resorts have already made the step of taking their operations online, with many now offering their various games via online sites and apps. This has also developed into them dipping their toes into the world of eSports.

Why Las Vegas Might Stand to Become an eGaming Mecca
Why Las Vegas Might Stand to Become an eGaming Mecca

This movement culminated in The Luxor unveiling its state-of-the-art HyperX Esports Arena, which gives both professional and amateur gamers alike an incredible space to call their own.

With other resorts watching to see how the Luxor’s experiment goes, it seems only a matter of time before more such developments are put in motion, with others already underway at the MGM and the Neonopolis to name but two.

Rogue are the Local eSports Team Las Vegas was Crying Out for

With eSports arenas and gaming facilities rearing their head up and down the strip, it seemed only right that the city should have its very own elite eSports team to root for.

It recently got that in the form of Rogue, who despite only being a couple years into their existence have already established themselves on the world scene, even attracting investment from superstar DJ Steve Aoki.

Gaming and eSports Part of a Wider Move Towards a High-Tech Revolution

While it seems only a matter of time before games consoles and arenas will become as commonplace as slots or traditional gaming tables on the strip, it is also the wider technological revolution that’s afoot which is driving change in the Nevada Desert.

Thanks to developments such as the building of Tesla’s Gigawatt battery factory and the hosting of the now world-famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) it seems that Silicon Valley has well and truly made Las Vegas its home away from home.

Add to this the fact that by 2050 the city plans to be solely powered by renewable energy sources and it is clear that even the most environmentally conscious game-loving millennial will be catered for.

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