WoW TBC Preparation Guide


    Find the different methods that can guide you in enhancing your character(s) and pass through the end-game without worries.

    One of the most remarkable features of WoW Classic TBC is that it never stops evolving. Indeed, you’ll get multiple updates each year that come with exciting content that you’ll need to explore. As a result, you always have something “new” (returning content in classic) to do when you have an active account.

    First, we get to see new maps with more quests and NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) to meet. Hence, you’ll have more ways to enhance your adventure in the world of Azeroth. Secondly, there’s a higher chance that some META-changing TBC Items will appear. New elite monsters or bosses drop important loot that might increase the effectiveness of your class.

    It would help if you always were prepared no matter what new content we can obtain. Therefore, you’ll need to keep your champion updated and ready for anything. This article will discuss the key elements that will help you withstand any new challenges from WoW Classic TBC.

    WoW TBC Preparation Guide

    No matter what new content we’ll get in the future (spoilers: we already know), you’ll always have Illidan’s approval if you follow these steps. Remember that the important thing about any video game is to have fun. Hence, you can skip some suggestions and follow those that suit your gameplay style. Without furder ado, here you have the best options to prepare your character(s):

    • Leveling Up: following Burning Crusade power leveling guides can help you achieve this task ASAP. Overall, you’ll need to reach the highest level possible before a new expansion arrives. If you manage to complete this milestone, you can visit the new places as soon as they come. Most noteworthy, recent raids and epic dungeons require the highest level possible. As a result, you should first focus your energy on dealing with this task.
    • Professions: Having more weapons in your arsenal is always welcome in a game like this RGP. Furthermore, you can obtain some of the best TBC Items from some Professions. Additionally, the top levels of this feature are always welcome if you want to withstand the most challenging places in Azeroth. Furthermore, you’ll have the requirements and materials to complete powerful recipes when new content arrives.
    • Join a Guild: If you haven’t already, it is recommendable that you follow and join an active guild. With the new ways that we now have to communicate all over the internet, you can add new alliances and possible friends. Above all, you’ll need a group if you want to participate in a Raid or an Epic Dungeon.
    • Prepare the Guild: After you land in a group that you feel competent and trustworthy, you could lend your hand and improve everything. There are times when new players may join in but lack the levels or equipment. Hence, you could share a few hours with those candidates and help them build powerful champions. Simultaneously, you could enrich your gaming sessions by meeting new people and seeing them grow in-game.
    • Leveling Alts: When you reach the “veteran” status in World of Warcraft, you’ll find how helpful an alternative character is for your account. After a while, you’ll have different champions with their classes and Professions. In other words, you’ll have the opportunity to experience different parts of WoW Classic TBC.
    • Hunt Epic Mounts: If you’re one of those players that collect everything that World of Warcraft has to offer, you should hunt these mounts now. As you might already know, some of these items have a low drop percentage. Hence, you’ll need to re-visit Raids and Epic Dungeons as soon as possible. If you’re lucky enough, you could gather the rarest mounts in a few months.
    • Farm Gold: Almost everything in this MMO requires virtual currency (Gold) to unlock things into your account. There are many ways to help you earn TBC Classic Gold and increase your pockets. Indeed, it all becomes easier when you reach the top level and play through the challenging places in WoW Classic TBC. Moreover, there’s never “too much Gold,” after you get “everything” in your main character, you’ll need goods for your alts as well. Remember that you can buy TBC Gold from different sources and have enough coins when the new content arrives.


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