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Thanks to the advancement of technology, organizing a Portable Document Format file has become faster and easier with the help of PDF online tools. As such, one of the most famous names across the web is the PDFBear. 

This web-based service offers various tools to help you modify your PDFs in just a single minute or even less. In fact, PDFBear will be your best buddy when it comes to deleting PDF pages and even merging two or more files into a single PDF. 

By just utilizing this online platform’s different features, you can do countless PDF tasks anytime and anywhere. To discover more about PDFBear’s services, here are some of the things that you can do with this all-in-one PDF tool and learn how to make it done.     

Remove PDF Pages

One of the reasons why PDFBear became one of the best online platforms to delete PDF pages from your document is its straightforward yet efficient process. As a matter of fact, you can successfully remove unnecessary PDF parts in just a few taps when you utilize its tools and services. 

Moreover, PDFBear’s wide range of compatibility is a great feature that lets everyone do their deleting tasks anytime and anywhere. Thus, whether you’re using Mac, Windows, or Linux-based operating systems, it doesn’t matter since this online tool supports almost all kinds of platforms across the web. 

To give you a quick tour of how simple the PDFBear’s process is, take a look at the steps below:

  • From your device, choose the Portable Document Format file that contains unnecessary page or pages and upload it on the PDFBears conversion box. 
  • Then, select the specific parts that you want to remove. 
  • After the selection phase, the PDFBear will begin removing the pages that you have selected. 
  • The entire removal process will only take up a few seconds to a single minute, and once done, you can download the modified PDF file on your device. 

Merge Two or More PDF Files

Besides removing some parts of your PDF file, you can also merge two or more documents and put them together in a single paper with the help of PDFBear. This platform will let you organize the PDF pages on the final document so that you can arrange them according to your preferences and how you want it to be.   

On top of that, PDFBear also offers high-accuracy so that you can make sure that the original features and layouts of your PDFs will be preserved. If you want to take a quick glimpse of its straightforward process, here’s the list of things that you should do if you’ll utilize PDFBear’s deleting tool:

  • From your device’s file manager, get the PDF documents that you want to combine and drop them on the PDFBear’s toolbar. 
  • After uploading the PDF files, this combiner tool will do its part and start merging your document. 
  • From there, you only have to wait for a couple of minutes or less until the entire process is completed. 
  • For the final touch, you can download your merged PDF file on your device or share it with your Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Split or Extract Pages from PDF Files

The thought of splitting a large PDF into individual files or extract some of its pages and turn into a single document can be too overwhelming for some people. Certainly, the entire process will stress you out, especially if you aren’t familiar with techs and basic computer navigations. 

Thus, if you’re afraid to go through a complicated process of splitting your file or too busy to understand unfamiliar terms, getting the help of PDFBear’s split tool will help you out. Moreover, you can access its features through various operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

Plus, PDFBear will also work well with compatible devices such as desktops, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. With this in mind, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility and accessibility since this PDF tool is available to all kinds of platforms on the web — just make sure you have a strong internet connection to be connected online.   

If you want to experience the simplicity and efficiency of the PDFBear’s splitting tool, check out the process below and try it yourself:

  • If you’ll extract pages from your PDF file through PDFBear, you should choose the document you want to modify from your device and upload it into the platform’s conversion box. 
  • Then, pick the parts you want to split or take out from the original PDF file and tap the desired pages. 
  • Once you’re done choosing, click the option available to refine the pages you have selected and split them into another PDF file. 
  • After a little while, your freshly extracted PDF parts are good to go, and you can download them to your smartphone, computer, or any of your devices. 


If you want to remove pages from your PDF, merge multiple documents, or split your Portable Document Format files into individual papers, PDFBear is the one you need. This online platform offers various PDF tools that can make your tasks faster and more efficient than its counterpart. Thus, if you want to organize your PDFs without a hassle, this all-in-one tool is highly recommended!

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