Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collection – The Ultimate Guide


Uh, is the Yu-Gi-Oh game still on the top?

If I am being honest, it has become a little cliche at this point. However, the popularity of the game is still better than ever. In fact, during the pre-COVID era in 2020, almost 2,200 duelists from all around the world locked horns in the Championship Series.

So, like me, if you are, too, interested in venturing into the world of Domino City, you are truly on the right track. But how should you start with your collection?

Before I tell you the answer to that, let me ask you a question first.

What Type of Player Do You Wish to Be?

Whether you want to play with your friends or in a competition, you must find a specific route of playing. There are four categories to choose from –

  • The Combo Player: In this case, you will need to lay different cards in simultaneously to beat your opponent. Make sure that the cards connect to each other properly. Or else the strategy won’t work for you. A potential combo deck can feature Infernoblade and Adamancipator. It might take you some time to get used to it, though. So, be patient.
  • The Aggro Player: If you are following this strategy, you’ll have to find a way to take care of the game as quickly as y
  • s you can. So, you will have to cramp your deck with the best cards you have and deploy them quickly and efficiently. As an aggressive player, you will need to invest in Gren Maju or the mighty Dinosaur deck.
  • The Stun Player: The stun player will entirely focus on limiting the moves you might be able to make. For example, Vanity’s Fiend is a stun card, which doesn’t allow your opponent to special summon any monster. And FYI, almost every powerful monster or card needs to be special-summoned by sacrificing a few cards.
  • The Control Player: A control player will focus on attacking you continuously unless you find a way to stop them or get defeated by them. Unlike an aggro deck, this one is not going to try and finish you quickly. Instead, it will be slower and calculative. Some of the best control decks are Sky Striker and Eldich.
  • How Do You Start Collecting Cards?
  • There are usually three types of cards available in Yu-Gi-Oh. For example, the monster cards are the ones who help you attack the opponent player or their monsters. 
  • You can determine the power of a monster card by checking their stats or the star level. If you want to summon a 5* monster card, you’ll have to sacrifice one card on the battlefield.
  • The number of sacrifices will increase as the star level of the monsters grows.
  • The spell cards, conversely, can be used to make you stronger or weaken your opponent. Thus they can be used in a combo deck to mess up the strategy of the other player. However, you’ll only be able to deploy three of the same types of cards. So, strategize accordingly.
  • Finally, the trap cards are something that can disrupt the flow of your opponent’s game. That’s why most people tend to use these in a stun deck. There are three types of trap cards too –
  • A continuous trap card is something that will stay on the field throughout the game.
  • A standard trap card will have a single yet prominent effect in your game.
  • A counter trap card will prevent your opponent from making a move or summoning

The Bottom Line

When it comes to collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you must always start by purchasing a yu gi oh box set. There are various specific options available in this aspect. So, you can buy something in accordance with the strategy you are going to follow. 

Good luck!

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