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Do you want a platform where you want to thrive and want to flourish as a techy content writer? If sport is the very oxygen you breathe then Oxygengames.com is your planet. If it is the very thing that you breathe in, your knowledge will be put to write usage. write for us and get paid for your immense knowledge.

Who are we?

We are the techie hub that one geek needs. We provide the geek in you with the most updated news and trends so that we can give you the recent information about it. We are a platform that tries to seek the writer hidden inside the reader.

We try to seek that talent by providing you with the platform that asks you to write for us blog. You will be paid accordingly. If you are interested, then please contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with the place.

How will it all unfold?

In these easy and manageable ways, you can become a part of our team.

  • Send us your write list
  • Now you have to wait as we will go through the writing to send for approval.
  • Submit your first writing blog.
  • Wait for us to edit and finalize your article.
  • If we come to select your writing, then your business write for us will be done. We can shake on it.
  • If you are chosen then you can amass a fortune by putting your thoughts.

All these ways will ensure a pleasant position with us.

What are we looking for in a content writer?

We are looking for those writers who are the best in their own league. We are a platform that provides you with every information that there is to know about the gaming world, so those gamers for whom gaming is opium and has much knowledge on this and various hacks can write for us.

Other than that we are.looking for a content writer who holds his own opinion rather than just writing what the herd has been saying. Individuality and uniqueness is something we value. We include various other topics too which would require crude attention and a knowledgeable account from your side too.

We will need someone who knows how to introspect, analyze, and lucidly write. So if you think you are the person who can do it, then SEO write for us.

What are the blog post guidelines?

So, before you write for us paid you will have to know some guidelines that should be maintained while forming the content. The content has to be done maintaining the guidelines. Here are the procedures that you have to follow.

  • An introductory summary of the topic should be there. the summary should not be more than 50 words. Make sure it is catchy and attracts attention.
  • You should always maintain three titles in the article that you are writing. It is important to do that. 
  • When you write, make sure to give a sneak peek of your soul. Who you are as a person should be reflected through your writing as well as your experience.
  • Always send your information and other files in the form of word files.

How to make your writing more attractive?

You have to make sure that the writing is very catchy and grabs the attention of the reader. Here are the ways to do it.

  • Individuality is something that speaks a lot so make sure that you use a unique quality for content.
  • The content should be written accordingly to the SEO lines. Make sure you don’t violate any SEO requirements.
  • Make it easily accessible to the readers so that they can have a Q&A session and other features. The content should have availability.
  • The article should have a high rating so make sure that it attracts the reader.
  • It should be written in easy and lucid language.
  • Try to write from a point of view that it is up for marketing to write for us.

Some important evaluative ethical points to remember:

The points are very important and should be taken to mind by every writer. These points are to maintain the ethics of the site as well as the writing.

  • The piece that will be submitted to us will be critically analyzed to see if it is on point or not. If there is something unrelated to the topic then we will not choose it to publish.
  • Similarly, the power of publishing the content on our site remains with us. If after the editing process the writing is started offtopic or is not up to the mark then it won’t be deemed up to the par material.
  • The piece of writing submitted to use cannot be submitted anywhere else. It is against the ethical choices and that is done to maintain the individuality of our site.

Where can I submit my writing?

Now the common question is where you will submit the writing. Well, you need to get in touch with us via email that is given on the website and if we find you eligible we will let you post your writing on your for a minimum charge.

Come And Write To Us At Oxygengames.Net: We Will Hone Your Talent In No TimeDiscussion
Who are we?We are a platform that covers various topics including gaming and others via our content.
How will it all unfold?You just have to send our writing.
What are we looking for in a content writer?The writing has to be unique and special. It has to reflect a bit of ‘you’ while showing your knowledge.
What are the blog post guidelines?To know the guidelines, you have to read the above.
How to make your writing more attractive?To know how to make more attractive, read above
Some important evaluative ethical points to rememberEthical points such as maintaining the uniqueness of the content and the freedom to choose the piece which lies in the hands of the owner have been mentioned here. To know more, read above.
Where can I submit my writing?Email us and we will get back to you.


Now that you have read everything about us, hopefully, it will help you navigate your thought process towards us. We will cherish it if you start to write today with us. We will harness your quality with pay.