10 Resources on Creating your Own Learning Game

I trust all of you making the most of our past post (our own one of a kind infographic: “Quick Guide to Developing a Learning Simulation”). I thought I’d line up this week by offering to you a rundown of assets to enable you to assist in planning and building up your own particular learning diversion.

The assets cover subjective stream, criticism circles, making diversions drawing, in like manner ease of use testing mix-ups et cetera. The rundown is clearly not comprehensive and a portion of the more scholastic papers may warrant something nearer to ‘skim perusing’, yet these are only a portion of the best and most valuable articles, papers and so on that I have found. The first is especially intriguing and certainly justified regardless of a read.

10 Resources on Creating your Own Learning Game
10 Resources on Creating your Own Learning Game

Intellectual Flow: The Psychology of Great Game Design
Enhancing The Way We Design Games for Learning by Examining How Popular Video Games Teach

Learning Game Design Series, Part 1: Play and Evaluate Games
Making Flow, Motivation, and Fun in Learning Games
Planning Learning Games That Don’t Suck
Planning Mobile Games For Engagement and Learning
Amusements For Learning
‘Story’ in Serious or Learning Game Design Research
Input Loops in Games and Learning
Five Common Mistakes in Game Usability Testing and How to Avoid Them

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