Are you in awe because you just found out that Herald accounts are the most expensive? Have you tried to find the reason behind it but failed? Then, don’t worry because you have the answers.

Before finding out why it’s expensive, let’s first know how much a Dota 2 Herald account costs. A Dota 2 Herald account costs more than $100 and trust me it’s worth it. Herald is the first rank in Dota 2, and I know it sounds absurd to know that their cost is way more than higher-ranking accounts.

Despite their initial appearance as the lowest rank, Herald accounts are highly valued within the Dota 2 community. The hefty price tag is a reflection of the opportunities, flexibility, and growth potential they offer to players.

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Below are the reasons why Herald accounts are always in high demand and are the most expensive among all other Dota 2 accounts.

1. Saves time

The very first reason why Herald accounts are the most expensive is that they are time savers. If you try to start everything from scratch, it will take you to play 100 hours plus 10 matches to get a placement rank. This is a strenuous process. So, instead of investing time and energy to reach that level, players prefer buying Herald accounts. This makes them expensive.

2. Holds a huge potential

Despite being the very first rank in Dota 2, herald accounts are the most expensive because they hold a huge potential for skill development and growth. In herald rank, you have more room to improve your strategy and develop map awareness. The potential for improvement extends beyond just individual skills. As you climb out of Herald, you’ll develop a better understanding of team dynamics and coordination. This growth becomes a stepping stone for more complex strategies and collaborations, setting the stage for success in higher ranks.

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3. Allows Dota time travel

Another reason herald accounts are expensive is that they are nostalgic. Herald accounts are just like time machines where you can go back in time when you started playing Dota 2 and relive those moments again. While the value of sentimentality is more subjective than other factors, it can be a significant driver of demand in the market. Even pro-players and experts are willing to pay a hefty price to cherish their early days. So, it makes them the most expensive.

4. High demand Low Supply

Another factor that contributes to the high price of Herald accounts is their relative rarity. As players progress through the competitive ranks, they inevitably leave behind their Herald accounts, resulting in a limited supply of these accounts in the market. This scarcity drives up demand from players who are looking to shortcut their progress in the game’s competitive scene. With a limited supply, players are willing to pay a premium to be able to acquire a Herald account quickly.

5. Good to test new tricks

Herald accounts are very useful for experienced players. Because they want to test new tricks or strategies in a less competitive setting. And herald accounts represent beginner-level players. So, they are perfect for such players to experiment with new techniques. This makes Herald accounts a desired resource among competitive Dota 2 players who are constantly looking for ways to improve their gameplay.

6. Used for trying new roles and heroes

Dota 2 players often find themselves stuck in familiar roles or heroes and can struggle to improve their gameplay in other positions. Herald accounts present an opportunity for players to try out new roles and heroes without risking their standing in the game’s competitive ladder. This can help players develop a more well-rounded approach to the game and become more versatile and flexible in their gameplay. For this reason, Herald accounts are valuable resources for players who are serious about mastering Dota 2.

7. Used for coaching

Moreover, herald accounts are widely used by coaches to train their students. Most of those who sign up for coaching are in lower ranks therefore coaches need lower rank accounts. So, it is this demand that makes Herald accounts the most expensive.

8. High demand from content creators

Similarly, herald accounts are in high demand by content creators from YouTube, etc. These content creators have to show diverse content and most of their followers are beginners there to learn some good strategies and diversify their skill set. So, these content creators have to buy several low-rank accounts to create content on different heroes and in different roles. This also contributes to the high cost of Herald accounts.


In conclusion, herald accounts are worth the hefty price tag that comes with them. Because with a Herald account, you can freely explore new play-styles, test your versatility, gain proficiency in various roles, and much more.

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