Navigating Esports in 2024 – Bookmakers’ Outlook

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Esports has been a rapidly growing industry in recent years and has seen several changes. Most bookmakers have quickly noticed the emerging trends in this sector, with the newest online betting operators seeking ways to capitalize on them. In this article, we’ll explore some key aspects bookmakers need to consider when navigating esports in 2024.

Bookmakers’ Perspective on the Esports Landscape

As the esports landscape evolves, bookmakers are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the key trends that bookmakers are keeping an eye on:

Increased Interest in Esports

The popularity of esports has witnessed steady growth in recent years, and we expect it to continue in 2024. Generally, the market is estimated to reach 3.8 billion in revenue in 2023. With more people showing interest, bookmakers are actively seeking avenues to capitalize and benefit from this ongoing trend.

New Games and Genres

As the industry multiplies, new games and genres are constantly emerging. Bookmakers are watching these new games and genres and looking for ways to offer betting markets on them.

Integration of Virtual Reality (VR)

Most bookmakers monitor how esports evolve to incorporate more Virtual Reality features as technology progresses. This technology can create new betting markets, and betting platforms are exploring how to adapt to these changing technologies. 

Collaboration Between Bookmakers and Esports Events

Partnerships between bookmakers and esports events are becoming increasingly common. Here are some of the ways that bookmakers are collaborating with esports events:

  • Sponsorship: Several leading bookmakers are increasingly sponsoring esports events. It can help increase the bookmaker’s visibility and generate more revenue for the esports event.
  • Exclusive promotions: Many bookmakers team up with esports events to offer special deals or promotions only available during specific tournaments. These special promotions can attract more bettors and enhance the overall excitement of the esports event.
  • Data sharing: Betting sites are increasingly sharing data with esports events. This data can include information on player form, team rosters, and the game’s meta. It helps both bookmakers and esports events to get a grasp on the betting sites UK members prefer when playing esports games.

Changes in Esports Betting Markets and Odds

Many changes are expected in various esports betting markets and odds. Here are some of them:

New Betting Markets

Bookmakers constantly add new betting markets to their esports offerings. These new markets allow bettors to bet on broader outcomes and help bookmakers attract new customers.

More Live Betting Options

The popularity of live betting is on the rise in the esports market, enabling bettors to wager on ongoing games. We expect more live betting options in the esports market in 2024 since many users now prefer it.

Changes in Odds

Esports odds constantly change, and bookmakers always look for ways to adjust their odds to reflect the latest information. Factors like changes in player form, team rosters, and the game’s meta can impact the odds.


The eSports betting market is expected to evolve in 2024, and bookmakers can benefit from this constantly changing industry. We expect more collaborations between betting sites and eSports events to help both parties meet the industry’s demands. 

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