5 Reasons Lionel Messi Is The Greatest Footballer Of All-Time

    5 Reasons Lionel Messi Is The Greatest Footballer Of All-Time

    Lionel Messi has been the greatest footballer of all time. He has been amongst the start dominating the sports. He has been the greatest footballer in football’s overall generation and has given a tough competition to others for this title. Lionel Messi has contributed a large number of victories and trophies, and this goes each passing year.

    In this article, we will examine what makes him the greatest footballer of all time. For catching up on more updates of your favorite payers, stay tuned with live soccer streaming free.

    1. He is the maximum goal scorer.

    Lionel Messi has been living up to the title while fulfilling his goals. He held the record of achieving maximum goals in La Liga with a total of 423 goals. He has also set up 50 goals record in a season. Messi has also attained eight hat tricks in Europe’s most prestigious UEFA Championship league by being the only person so far to do so. He has also bagged the most goals by any South American Footballer by achieving 13 goals.

    Currently, he is a Spanish footballer with a maximum no od assists, i.e., 173. Other than this, he has more achievements to count on, like being the most goal scorer Argentinian in the National football team with 68 goals. He has served his purpose by scoring 676 goals for his country and 831 appearances.

    1. He has bagged numerous trophies for his country.

    The hard work and skills have led him to scoring goals and bagging numerous trophies under his name. The Argentinian star has reflected the future of football from the starting of his career. His journey took more turns after winning the La Liga title. He has bagged 9 La Liga Trophies in total and UEFA Championship trophies from four various occasions.

    He is also three times the winner of UEFA super cup glory. There have been numerous other titles under his name, including The Spanish super cup and Spanish cup with 8 and 6 times in total. In his overall career, he has won the FIFA Club World Cup three times.

    5 Reasons Lionel Messi Is The Greatest Footballer Of All-Time
    5 Reasons Lionel Messi Is The Greatest Footballer Of All-Time
    1. He is an undisputed dribbling genius.

    Even after bagging the title, Leon Messi has to beat world-class defenders coming up in his way, and he manages well to do every time. This has been one possible with his rigorous training.

    These sports need not only exercise but also excellent genetics to perform excellence. He was blessed with incredible endurance and speed by god grace, but there were shortcomings in his height and skeletal system. He successfully worked out to correct it with intense training sessions over the years to make him a genius in the field. 

    1. He posses excellent team coordination skills.

    The excellence in his coordination teams has been revealed many times by his team players. He boosts up the morale and belief in the dressing room. Messi knows how to get the job done by his teammate at the difficult time of defeat in the defense. He has been exceptionally talented since a boy and has crosses many challenging hurdles in his life, including undergoing treatment for growth hormone deficiency.

    But with his hard work and dedication, he successfully overcame all to be the greatest footballer of all time. As a youngster, he has gained experience with great players on the same pitch. Some of the renowned personalities’ names include  Samuel Eto’o, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Ronaldinho. 

    1. He scores high-quality goals.

    He is not only known for scoring goals, but his caliber takes him on a different level. He has made some f the iconic gals to remember, including the one in 2007 which took place in the match against Liga Rival, Getafe. He dribbled half his way for scoring the iconic one.

    He has excellent adaption skills, which can be seen with the change in his manager and teammates. T may be former Barcelona coaches Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique, and currently, manager Ernesto Valverde has kept his performance up throughout his journey. He very well managed to team up with Ivan Rakitic, followed by Iniesta and Xavi’s exit.


    With the hard work made, Leon Messi earned titles including the Ballon d’Or once, the FIFA World Player of the Year once, the Best FIFA Men’s Player once, FIFA World Cup Golden Ball once, and the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award, two times. He has been awarded top scorer 15 times in different competitions. All this quality makes him the greatest footballer of all time.


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