A little ado on How to win the Runescape and get the Golds

Trying to clear out the cabin crew in the old Runescape to get the gold points is a tough task however if you follow these methods that will be mentioned here, you will definitely get it done. In this article, we will discuss everything related to how to get the golds in Runescape and after completing the run what awaits you. Let’s begin. 

A little ado about the Runescape: 

This pursuit is estimated to be of medium length, about playing the game it is similar to any game that you might play in the Runescape. You can come back to playing the game even after leaving it at any point according to your will. The game is at your own disposal. The journey commences at Port Phasmatys Inn. You have to reach this place by going to the Ectophial using the fairy ring code ALQ. 

There is also an alternative way, you can go there via chartering a ship. But before you start the journey, ensure to fetch your Ghostspeak Amulet. The amulet is needed to interact with the bankers. Without it, you cannot get access to the bankers and the quest will remain unsuccessful. 

What are the requirements? 

There are requirements in the fields of combat, level, and statistical.  

  • Level: In order to get access to this quest, you have to complete Priest in Peril, Pirate’s Treasure, and Rum Deal accordingly. However, this Rum Deal has a substantial amount of conditional quests that need to be completed. They are written below. 
    • Jungle Potion – it is virtually a journey in which all you have to do is just collect some herbs.
    • Big Chompy Bird Hunting – it is a short quest.
    • Zogre Flesh Eaters- it will require you to complete both the quest that has been mentioned above. After the completion, you can finish this. 
  • Combat: In order to get the best of the field in the combative mode you have to maintain some aspects too in order to clear the level. 
    • In order to clear Cabin Fever, you have to defeat level 57 Pirates that will generally attack you. 
    • There, one of the provisional quests is Zogre Flesh Eaters, in order to cross this level which has a level 111 boss, you have to safely spot it. This particular level is very tough so if you overcome this then you will not have much of a problem.   
  • Statistical: In order to boost up your agility and power so that you can easily pass the level, you have to, at first, do some things. 
    • You have to have level 40 Ranged
    • Have the 42 Agility
    • Have the 45 Crafting, 
    • Have the 50 Smithing. 
    • In order to get all the stats, you might have to hone your skills you have to cross the levels. The more experience you gather the more you will be upping the levels. There are many quests that will provide you with the same amount of experience that is needed in order to get the stats. Each of the skills that you achieve will help you up the level faster and will prove to be more efficient. 

What elements do you need in order to fulfill each requirement:

There are a few certain things that will be needed in order to get the requirement list fulfilled. 

  •  food – Monkfish if you don’t have this then any alternative to this. You will need it for the level 57 Pirates that will assault you. But If you retain a high combat level, then you can contemplate skipping out on food completely.
  • Ectophial – You have to make sure that after using it, you need to refill it in the temple before running off to some other place. If it is empty then you cannot use it when you want to use it again next time.
  • A ghost speaks amulet – It is not precisely required but it can come in handy for banking purposes in the port.
  • If you have not completed the Ghost-Ahoy then you will need another 3,500 coins or 2 Ecto-tokens to pay for a ship. 

How to do it?

  • Head to the Inn in Port Phasmatys.
  • Then head to the dock 
  • Now board the ship closest to the east
  • talk to Bill Teach.
  • Take 4 ropes from the repair locker, 1 fuse from the gun locker, and the tinderbox placed at the south side. 
  • Begin to climb the ladder
  • This is where you will be head to head with level 57 Pirates. In order to escape, climb the net. Now utilize the fuse placed on the powder barrel
  • Light it. If it fails then repeat the same process again. 
  • Jump again if need be.
  • wield a rope on the hoisted sail in order to go back to your ship 
  • Now talk to Bill once more.
  • To repair the damage done to your ship, search for 
    • Hammer
    • 6 planks
    • 3 swamp paste
    • 30 tacks
  • Repair them and make a statement to Bill.
  • Next, go back to the enemy ship.  
  • Collect 10 plunder by searching the nearby objects
  • Now go to your ship. 
  • Put the plunder in the chest 
  • Now talk to Bill again. 
  • Repair the cannons on the upper level. Inform bill. 
  • Make preparation to attack the enemy by filling up the canons with gunpowders. 
  • Point it toward the enemy. Kill at least 3. 
  • Report on the bill again. 

What are the rewards?

The rewards that you will gain are

  • 10,000 gold coins
  • 2 quest points, 
  • 7,000 experience in Crafting, Smithing, and Agility
  • access to Mos Le’Harmless and jungle horrors
  • Progression towards Morytania Diary and participation with The Great Brain Robbery.

Conclusion: follow all these steps to get osrs gold and Runescape gold point. If you follow them to the T then surely you will win and collect so many rewards worthy of your hard work.

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