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Best CS GO Competitive Maps

Best CS GO Competitive Maps
Best CS GO Competitive Maps

The present CS GO Map pool hasn’t seen many changes since quite a long time now. Most of the CS GO Competitive maps were added last in December 2013. Apart from that, the Winter Offensive was updated to bring Cobblestone and Overpass.

Those maps were poorly developed in the competitive setting during the initial release. These maps then needed design changes and tweaks regularly in order to make them suitable for tournament plays.

Good thing is that, after some significant tweaks in the best CS GO maps, they have become potential and stable to a great extent. We are about to look at all these best CS GO Competitive maps that have been around the play for now.

Best CS GO Competitive Maps

We can’t deny the fact that the majority of these CS GO maps were not originally created by Valves but built by the community members in the old version of Counter-Strike.

For the sake of gameplay and visual improvements, Valves has been upgrading the existing maps. However, ever since Mirage was added to the list in July 2014, it hasn’t seen another up-gradation to date.

Nevertheless, to start off, we have quite a collection of best CS GO Maps to master your skills on.


Set in Morocco, the latest version of Dust 2 comes with better visibility and colours. David Johnson, the man responsible behind Cobblestone has originally created Dust 2 that had become one of the most iconic and famous CS GO competitive maps.

Best CS GO Competitive Maps
Best CS GO Competitive Maps

Dust 2 then revamped by the team Valve with the aim of improving the visual as well as the gameplay. However, it was witnessed that the Dust 2 layout was initially left as the original version with only some lighting enhancement in the dark areas and few minor changes.

Initially, Dust 2 was known to be the most balanced CS GO map in a competitive pool. After the official upgrade, it has seen to interest in T side a little. While back in 2016, around 59% of wins were seen in T Side. This winning rate has went up to approx 54% by 2018 so far.


The upgraded version of this best CS GO map revolves around a Nuclear Power Plant located in an unidentified city of US. The original version of Nuke though was set in Germany. Original Nuke was developed by Jo Bieg and got life in CS franchise in 1999.

Ever since Valve has purchased the right for this map, Nuke has seen significant changes in it over the time. However, the primary layout has been kept untouched. The T side of the map is known to be quite strong and it became one of the best CS GO maps available so far.

In a break made in March 2015, Nuke was removed from the pool and remained out of the game until OW (Operation Wildlife) was released in February 2016. The Nuke was then revamped shortly with whole new visual and little changes in gameplay.


Best CS GO Competitive Maps
Best CS GO Competitive Maps

The overpass is set on a canal overpass above which a park is built somewhere in Berlin, Germany. The Valve upgraded version of Overpass didn’t change its location whilst A bombsite and some toilet areas were changed mainly. The A bombsite has made exciting; on the other hand, Valve faces difficulty to make the map keep balanced.

Even though Overpass is known to be the most unique map in the game, it is seen to be a pretty CT side favored. There is quite a range of strategies available on the map accompanied a pretty good collection of ways for both the T and CT sides.

To mention one odd aspect of the Counter-Strike Map is that the presence of ambient noises mostly occurred due to the passing by trains as well as noises in the bathrooms.


Based on the Pripyat, Ukraine, Cache CS map shows Chernobyl Power Plant in the background. The cache is the only map presently available in the active pool that was entirely created by the Valve independently. It was originally built by Sal Garozzo for CS: S (Counter-Strike: Source), later ported into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The map was shortly after revamped by FMPONE with the help of the original creator Sal. It was then added to the Operation Bravo. That’s where it became one of the most popular CS maps. Due to the large entrances through both the bomb sites, the map is prone to be much of T sided.


Based on an industrial train area, the map is set in Eastern Europe where we can also see a mosaic of Lenin in a terrorist club. It was originally created by Barking Dog Studios whose credit goes to Christopher Mair in 2009. The train is one of the best CS GO competitive maps that are empowered by Valve later.

The latest version of the map combines almost entirely new aspects that were revamped in December 2014. Valve seemed to be determined in improving its balance by changing in the back hall width and both the bomb sites. Eventually, the effort made the Valve seemed to be working to date.


The rebuilt version of the Inferno is set in Italy whereas the original version took place in a small city of Basque Country. The original Inferno was built by Chris Auty that was released with CS 1.1 in 1999. Over time, the CS map was changed and updated to bring it on CS: Condition Zero as well as CS: Source. The Counter-Strike: Source version was made quite different from the older one whilst the Condition Zero got it with night view.

Later, Valve decided to put it in Counter-Strike: Global Operation with the same remainder as earlier except little changes in visuals. Back in October 2016, Inferno was again re-skinned to bring more adjustments in the gameplay.

Summing Up

So far, there were a lot of changes made with CS GO competitive maps. Some came out to be annoying the pro player and most are appreciated widely. Needless to mention, we have a wide range of CS GO maps and one or other of these aforementioned maps will surely suit your mood and style of play.


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