Casino Apps – Do We Need Them?

Witcher 3 Greatest Game
Witcher 3 Greatest Game

When Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone saying it will completely change “the way in which we communicate”, he probably didn’t imagine the full extent of his words. Fast forward to 2020 and the global mobile app industry is predicted to reach a revenue of close to $190 billion. The number of smartphone users worldwide is estimated at 2.7 billion and 87% of them spend a stunning 90% of their mobile time on applications (!). With 2.8 million apps available to download, finding an app should not be an issue. Money apps, food delivery apps, and gaming apps are on top of the list of the most popular apps. In this article we will take a look at casino apps to answer the question – Do we need them? 

Why we like casino (and betting) apps 

First of all, because they are easy to use and second because they give us a chance to win money. Casino apps are not only fully compatible with mobile payment solutions, but they also look great and sound divine. Perhaps for many, the fact that casino apps are free to install, makes them even more popular. Odds can change quickly and to be able to place your bet within seconds can be a matter of winning or losing.  Sports betting apps, in particular, have many advantages as they are developed specifically to allow quick access to the most important betting features and bets used by active punters. 

Casino apps are built to accommodate users that prefer mobile applications in general. It’s worth mentioning that these apps are not needed in terms of getting access to the games, as is often the case when it comes to social games. In fact, the casino application consists of only a small selection of all available products, games, and services. Obviously, those available are the most popular games but if your ambition is to play all of the thousands of slots games available by an operator, then the app will not be sufficient. 

Smooth app navigation with one-click deposits and withdrawals and quick access to the account can summarize the advantages of casino apps. 

Casino games on apps

Some of the most popular games that are played on casino applications are roulette, blackjack, texas hold’em and slots. The selection of game titles available on the application is very limited but usually enough for the average player. Expect top graphics from all applications developed by known operators but as you move away towards smaller, unknown providers, expect the quality to be less. 

Where to find them

So you have decided to try a casino application just to discover there is no way for you to know if the app is safe or not. Well, it may seem like an app-jungle and knowing what to pick is not easy. The information you get about the provider before installing an app is often not sufficient for you to know you will be playing at an operator you can trust. Always do your selection on desktop or by the browser of your smartphone. Use sites that give unbiased information about the various operators and can guide you to the best gaming sites based on your country, preferred language, and currency. Some of these sites are multilanguage, one example is available in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Deutch, French, and even Thai. It gives you an excellent opportunity to make educated choices without the risk of any misunderstandings. 

Once you have your account registered, simply navigate to their “download app” section and you are ready to go. Very often the operator will reward existing account holders with some free credits when they install the application. The account details you registered on their desktop/mobile platform are automatically used for your application so there is no risk of having your account blocked due to multiple registrations. 

Apple or Android

Casino apps are available both to apple and android users. The applications developed by the major casino and sports betting operators are all compatible with Android devices and all iOS devices with iOS 6.0 or later.  Apple has a very strict policy for real money gambling apps. The policy was updated in September 2019 and developers of gaming applications are still adjusting to the new policy.

A word on “social” casino games

Applications by casino operators are built for real money gaming while “social casino games” are not. The difference between social gaming and casino gaming is that you can never win real money in a social casino game. Social games are built to be similar to real casino games but there are many differences. Playing a social game of poker is not the same as playing poker at an online casino. If winning money is not your goal then social games are great options. 

Social games allow you to socialize and interact with other players during the game. Common features are the ability to send in-game gifts to other players and live player chat. Below are some of the most popular social casino games on the market right now. 

Zynga Poker is one of the world’s most popular social games and GameTwist Slots is another one but make sure you have iOS 7.0 or newer. Texas Poker by Karma Games is another top poker casino app for iPhone users. Hit it Rich app belongs to Zynga and it can be played using your social media accounts. Evil Dead 2, Terminator and Duck Dynasty are just a few of the titles you will find in the app.

After reviewing the different aspects of casino applications we return to our original question whether we need casino applications or not. The simple answer is no, but if you like apps in general then your casino app will not disappoint you!


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