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Not so long ago, the long-awaited major addition Lightfall was released in Destiny 2, the launch of which went almost perfectly (there were already standard queues). It brought the continuation of the main storyline, season 20, new activities, quests, mechanics, various equipment, changes, and other extremely pleasant things. In this article, we will analyze the most important changes.

Fans have been waiting for the release of the add-on for a long time and finally, the time has come. New players have also joined the game, ready to immerse themselves in the world of Destiny 2. This game is not easy for beginners, because it has a lot of different weapons, complex activities, and a wide variety of content. Trials of Osiris, for example, is considered one of the most difficult activities, but very valuable gifts will be given for it. Therefore, despite the difficulties, the players participate in them. However, many players order trials flawless carry so as not to suffer from difficult tasks. This service is legal and safe, and professional players complete the order quickly and efficiently.

Returning to the new addition, let’s start with the main points.

Legendary Campaign

As with The Witch Queen expansion, users can complete the Lightfall story by choosing one of 2 difficulty levels – Normal and Legendary. The former allows you to enjoy the story without causing any difficulties, and the latter offers several very valuable rewards while making opponents much more deadly. Due to the increased complexity, the duration of the passage of the plot also increases.

In addition to the change in rewards, the legendary difficulty has undergone one extremely important change compared to the version from the previous expansion – a group size modifier has been added to it. That is, the already increased complexity adjusts to the size of the group.

Terminal overload

In the process of exploring the new location of Neomuna, players may stumble upon a special and rather strange activity with the unusual name Terminal Overload. This public event is built around a similar pattern as the Isolation of nightmares but is much more complex due to the constant modifier of the location itself. Unfortunately, a player search system is not provided for it, but after completing the story company on the quest of the hall of heroes, you can open a fast teleport point, which should be thrown onto the channel with characters.

The essence of the event is simple – while fighting the Cabals and Vex, you need to complete several stages, be divided into stages, and then kill two bosses.

After completing the activity, 2 chests with a reward appear a regular one – random purple equipment, and a special one – many skeins of thread, a season key, and an engram, random purple equipment. However, to open the second chest, you first have to get a special key, it starts to drop randomly from various sources of Neomunaas (new planet) as soon as you reach a certain initial stage of the Hall of Heroes quest mentioned above. Or upgrade the key NPC of Neomuna and open a daily quest for this key.

Battlefields of the unruly

As we wrote at the very beginning, together with the add-on “Doomsday” in Destiny 2, the 20th season of “Resistance” also began, the events of which will unfold directly on Earth. He brought with him an activity called “Battlefields of the Recalcitrant”, its light and the regular version are opened during the passage of the main quest.

The activity invites a group of 3 players (there is auto-selection) to penetrate the ziggurat of darkness and return the captured people. There will be 3 variations in total, taking place in different locations – EDZ, Cosmodrome, and orbital prison.

After completing an activity that resembles a short Raid, 1 chest will appear in front of you, and not 2 as before. This is because it contains two types of seasonal rewards at once: regular and additional, you will automatically receive the second only if you have in the inventory the above seasonal key. It drops out when performing activities throughout the solar system.


The article concludes with a list of new content that seems to be simpler:

  – 1 new Blitz – located on Neomuna. During its passage, players will visit the Vex cyberspace and arrange dangerous bike races.

  – 3 new Lost Sectors on Neomuna – as you explore them, you’ll visit a high-tech food production facility, the interior of Calus’ new ship, and an arcade room.

  – Section: general reload – a special weekly mission without a selection system, designed for single / group passage. To open it, you need to complete the Jay quest and get a special code. The latter is given as a reward for the weekly quest at the Nimbus on Neomuna.

  – Trial – a unique story mission designed to teach you how to control the Thread subclass. There are no rewards in it, but only achievements for quick passage.

  – Lightfall story weekly mission – as in the case of the previous add-on, when the counter reaches 100,000, it allows you to get super-powerful equipment once a week. There are 3 difficulty levels available.

  – Vex Invasion – a special state of the random region of Neomunaas. Because a special patrol may appear in it.

You can try the new addition and see why this game has a high rating and so many positive reviews.

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