Eight Popular Video Games That Should be Integrated into Primary Education


In this game the kid will play as Tom & Jerry. They will need to use unique devices so as to invent a trap that will entice Jerry and lead to him end up in the mouse trap.
Ben 10 is a favorite amongst many children right now and as the animation is still in production it’s highly relevant. This is a excellent game to encourage kids to play since it enhances their level of concentration and needs a whole lot of focus.

At number three there’s another Tom and Jerry game, however this one is very different compared to the first game which was mentioned. This game requires kids to colour in various pictures in the popular cartoon. This is a superb way to bring out children’s artistic side whilst focusing on precision and concentration also.

This is a Johnny Bravo game and it revolves around the favorite game of soccer. The child will have to try to score a goal past the goalkeeper who happens to be Johnny Bravo himself. This game is beneficial since it revolves around time management and precision.
As it is a dress up game it’s a lot more likely to be suited to women. Nevertheless, it’s worth implementing because it brings out a child’s creative side. Along with this, they create artistic flavor and can learn about color complimenting and contrasting.

Video Games
Video Games

This game relies on the series called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. In this game the kid must swap tiles so they can create matching sets of three or more. This game is extremely beneficial since it deals with improving a child’s logical thinking. Moreover, time management is involved due to the countdown feature.


This is just another game connected with Johnny Bravo. The idea of the game is simple but highly effective. The participant will hear a series of sounds and they’ll need to play them back in the proper order. This entails using all senses and helps develop children’s memorisation skills.

Astro Quiz

In this game your kid gets to play as any cartoon character and they need to answer a set of questions about various cartoons. This gets kids used to the format of tests and quizzes so as to make the transition much easier.

If you’re searching for innovative ways to receive primary children learning then you should definitely think about integrating these eight games to the instruction you teach — or you may even use all eight! They help kids with key regions of development whilst also containing the vital ingredient of fun. Playing games and experiencing animations online are amazing tools for teaching in today’s day.

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