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Games Based Healing

Games Based Healing
Games Based Healing

As you might have gathered from our website title and articles, we believe games are a terrific tool for learning and a great deal of research backs up us. But, there are also amazing ways that games are being designed and used to cure people with different disorders. I’ve selected some of the best stories below.

Cystic Fibrosis 

This game was designed for children with Cystic Fibrosis. It will let them learn how to restrain their respiratory function in a fun and engaging way from home, to supplement their daily physical therapy. It’s a learning tool as far as a physical therapy tool and should help them learn important skills early on.


Well this type of game has sparked medical interest and matches are now being developed and tested for use by individuals with dementia. They aim to maintain brains active and assist people with dementia learn new skills in an enjoyable way. Poor memory and concentration suffer from this disorder and games might just be the best means of keeping attention and intrigue. Watch this article to find out more.

Traumatic Stress

Games Based Healing
Games Based Healing

Studies have found that playing Tetris following a traumatic event helps decrease the amount of flashbacks of the event. It isn’t completely clear why this is true, but Tetris may function as a protector. Partaking in an engaging visual-spatial task may prevent some of the traumatic pictures making their way to long-term memory storage. To learn more please see this article.


Video games have been found to help children with dyslexia read more rapidly with no cost to accuracy. The analysis used a fast-moving match that required high levels of cognitive and perceptual skills in addition to peripheral processing. The games enhanced the children’s ability to extract pertinent information in addition to sustain longer visual focus. The effects of playing the game were equal to over a year’s worth of reading development.


I’ve discussed video games and autism previously (‘Unorthodox Programs of Games in Education’) concerning the XBox and the Nintendo Wii helping people on the Autistic spectrum with social skills. This game was created to try and simulate a few of the issues that victims must contend with. I also have encounter an Internet portal of matches for children on the Autism spectrum. The games are designed to help autistic children learn independent living skills like deciding on clothing to match the weather and teaching that eye contact may be helpful when communicating.


The Circus Challenge Game has been developed to help stroke victims regain motor capabilities. It’s intended to be an enjoyable experience that will encourage individuals to continue their treatment at home. There’s a problem with a lack of therapists, so it’s hoped that individuals are able to continue their own treatment at home in a manner that does not feel like treatment.


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