Honkai Star Rail: All Treasure Chest Locations (2023)

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Playing Honkai Star Rail is about finishing quests, solving puzzles, and discovering all the treasure chest locations. So, it s essential to know all the Honkai Star Rail Chest Locations. Players will also get numerous rewards when they find chest locations in Honkai Star Rail. Now, players will be able to find Treasure Chests in multiple locations in Honkai Star Rail. here are the chest locations for you.

  • Herta Space Station
  • Jarlio-VI
  • The Xianzhou Luofu

These Treasure Chests in Honkai Star Rail are a great source of rewards such as Steller Jade. Chests also offer players a marginal bump to their Trailblaze EXP. Players can find most Treasure Chests out in the open. Players just have to push against the wall or in the corridors. But, some Treasure Chests are protected by Formidable Foes. On the other hand, some chests in Honkai Star Rail will only be unlocked using simple hacks. Therefore, below I have given the locations of all Treasure Chests in Honkai Star Rail. 

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Honkai Star Rail Alchemy Commission Chest Locations

Players will be able to find out 8 chests on the 1st floor of Alchemy Commission in Honkai Star Rail. However, on the 2nd floor, players will be able to find out a lot more Treasure Chests than on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor of the Alchemy Commission Area includes a total of 14 Treasure Chests. 

Honkai Star Rail Chest Locations

1. Treasure Chests In Herta Space Station

  • Master Control Zone
  • Base Zone
  • Storage Zone
  • Supply Zone

2. Treasure Chests In Jarlio-VI

  • Administrative District
  • Outlying Snow Plains
  • Backwater Pass
  • Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone
  • Corridor of Fading Echos
  • Everwinter Hill
  • Boulder Town
  • Great Mine
  • Robot Settlement 1F
  • Robot Settlement 2F
  • Rivet Town 1F

3. Treasure Chests In Xianzhou: The Loufu

  • Central Starskiff Haven
  • Couldford 1F
  • Couldford 2F
  • Stargazer Navalia
  • Exalting Sanctum
  • Divination Commission 1F
  • Divination Commission 2F
  • Artisanship Commission
  • Alchemy Commission
  • Scalegorge Waterscape 

How To See Treasure Chests In Alchemy Commission In Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Chest Locations

  • Players will be able to see the 1st chest after the cutscene of 1st main quest after entering the Alchemy Commission map. 
  • The 2nd Treasure Chest will be found after players defeat the 3 waves of foes in the main quest.
  • Players will see the 3rd chest right side of a blocked door.
  • The 1oth chest will be found in a corner of the grand plaza.
  • Players will be able to see the 11th chest upstairs when they turn around. 

Alchemy Commission Chest Locations

  • 1st chest- can be found near a Technique point filter.
  • 2nd chest- is hidden in a corner behind a staircase and a Warp Trotter.
  • 3rd chest- can be found on the way of players to the Stagnat Shadow on the map.
  • 4th chest- complete the main quest and find it out. 
  • 5th chest- find it naturally while completing the main quest and following Fu Xuan. 
  • 6th chest- look at your left and see it.
  • 7th chest- beat the bosses in the main quest and find it.
  • 8th chest- head toward the red square shown above. Use the elevator to go to the Space Anchor.
  • 9th chest- go to the bay on the west side of the map to find it.
  • Warp Trotter- defeat it using Quantum, Physical, and Imaginary damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How Many Types Of Treasure Chests Are There In Honkai Star Rail
Ans. There are a total of 3 types of Treasure Chests in Honkai Star Rail. here they are-

  • Basic Chests
  • Bountiful Chests
  • Precious Chests

Q2. What are the Honkai Star Rail Chest Rewards?
Ans. Players can get multiple rewards when they open Treasure Chests in Honkai Star Rail. here they are-

  • Steller Jade
  • Cosmic Fragment
  • Level-up materials
  • Data bank
  • Credits

Q3. Do Treasure Chests Respawn In Honkai Star Rail?
Ans. Unfortunately, no! In Honkai Star Rail, Treasure Chests do not spawn again once you collect the rewards. 

The Bottom Line

Alchemy Commission Treasure Chests are full of all sorts of rewards. You can get rewards like Credits and XP materials. When players open the chests, it will also take them toward achievement completion. Thus, players will be rewarded with Steller Jade. using Steller Jade, players will be able to pull their favorite characters. 

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