How To Backstab In Elden Ring: Master The Art Of Sneak Attacks

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If you want to know how to backstab in Elden Ring, read this full article because here in this article, I have stated everything that you should know in order to backstab your enemy in the game Elden Ring. To backstab in the game Elden Ring, you need to stand right behind your targeted enemy and press the light attack button.

If you are playing the game on consoles like PS5 or Xbox One, then the light attack button is the right shoulder button of the controller, and if you are playing the game on your computer, then you should click the left mouse. But remember that your enemy must be within the range of your arms to use the backstab attacking feature in the game Elden Ring.

But this is not all. There are more things that you should know to learn about backstabbing an enemy in the game Elden Ring. and if you want to know each and every detail regarding backstabbing in Elden Ring, you have to read this full article.

So, let’s start!

How To Backstab Enemies In Elden Ring?

Though it seems easy to backstab your enemy in the game Elden Ring, it might actually be a little tough, especially if you are a beginner-level player of this game. Because beginners are not familiar with the technical criteria of the game. Still, you can follow my guideline to backstab your enemies successfully without fail.

Always remember that you must be right behind your enemy whom you want to backstab. And the enemy of yours must be within the range of your arms. To backstab, you need to press the light attack button.

The light attack buttons are different on gaming consoles and PCs. if you are a PS5 or Xbox One player, you have to press the right shoulder button of the controller that you are using. But if you are playing the game on your CP, you can just press the left mouse click to backstab your enemy.

But if you use the light attack mode, you will not be able to move or use any other secondary weapon. This is why backstabbing is a quite tough job in the game Elden Ring.

Backstab is a very useful attack because it allows you to hit your enemies very quickly, and you can use it anytime when you want. Especially if you are in an unfavorable situation in front of your enemy, you can use this attack style if you think it would be a good idea.

Below I am giving you the buttons for applying the backstab attack mode for every platform on which you can play the game Elden Ring. take a look at it –

  • Press R1 for PlayStation4 or PlayStation5.
  • Press RB for Xbox One or Series X/S.
  • Press the left click of the mouse for PC.

What Are The Tips For Backstabbing?

Below I am giving you some tips that you should remember before going for the backstab attack on any of your enemies. These tips are always useful if you can use them properly.

  • Before going for a backstab attack, take a look at the size of your enemy. Because backstabbing only weakens more if the enemy is smaller or almost equal to your size. If the enemy is bigger than your size, I would like to suggest you should avoid backstabbing.
  • You can escape the animation that comes before connecting the attack. But it can reduce the power of the backstab.
  • You will get a straight 17% increase to every Critical damage on The Dagger Talisman.

How The Elden Ring Backstab Works

The backstab is a kind of Critical Hit in the game Elden Ring, though critical hits are not random in this game. You can perform it if the circumstance suits it. If you use it on an enemy who is stunned, it will make less damage to the enemy. You can backstab your enemy only when your enemy is standing. Pulling off can be tricky, especially if your enemy is an agile one. You should use the backstab to start a fight. It is advised to avoid backstabbing in the middle of a fight.

The Final Words

So, you were here to know how you can backstab in your game Elden Ring, and now as you have read the full article, I can assume that you have learned everything about this particular attacking style of the game. Always remember that you can backstab your enemies only when they are in a standing position, and you should not use this attacking style in the middle of a fight. All the best! Happy gaming!

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