How To Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2

If you are a gamer who loves to play the game Little Alchemy 2 and wants to know how to make grass in Little Alchemy 2, then you have only two methods to fulfill your requirement.

Those are –

1. Bring plants onto the planet

2. Place roots under the ground.

Actually, if you think, then you will find it difficult to imagine our planet without those fields covered with green grass.

If you play Little Alchemy 2, you will be able to make elements needed for the solar system planets, but you will not be able to make a more incredible world without making the Grass on the planet’s surface.

And to make a better world in the game Little Alchemy 2, gamers always search for making grass on little alchemy 2 on the internet. And that is why I have decided to write an article on this topic where I shall explain everything you need to know in order to make grass in Little Alchemy 2. So, let’s start!

Making Grass In Little Alchemy 2

As I said before, there are only two ways to make grass in the game Little Alchemy 2. Here in this part of my article, I am going to discuss those two methods.

But before telling you Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2, let me tell you some basic facts about making grass in-game Little Alchemy 2.

There are 4 basic elements in Little Alchemy 2, but you can use none of them to make grass by the basic combinations. Like, if you talk about the Lake element, it has trees and grass near the water.

Or if you talk about the Land element, you will find trees with grassy hills. But you cannot make grass with these elements. To make grass, you need either grass itself or some more complex elements.

So how can you make grass in the game? Now let us discuss this.

1. Bring Plants Onto The Planet

How To Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2

As we all know, grass is actually a form of a plant. So you will need the Plant element in order to make grass.

Once you make the Plant, then making grass is not so hard. But the process of making a Plant is a long one. Because to make a Plant, you will need a Life element.

The developers of the game Little Alchemy 2 researched very well before making this game. They considered science as the primary ingredient of this game. Now why I am saying this?

If you talk about our planet Earth, then plants came to this planet-long afterlife was formed. Scientists have come to a conclusion about the first introduction of life on this planet. They said, billions of years ago, a storm of events took place on this planet in which some energy sources modify some chemicals present in the water which later transformed into the earlier forms of life.

Another version says a substance named primordial soup present in the water has transformed and later created the first instance of life on this planet.

Which theory is correct does not matter here. What we get from these two theories is, plants cannot exist without life. And that is why Life is an essential element for making Grass in the game Little Alchemy 2.

So first, you have to make Life. you can combine Water and Energy to make Life. the other way to make life is by using Primordial Soup.

I am giving you a formula below. Use it in the process of making Life.

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Puddle = Pond
  • Pond + Pond = Lake
  • Lake + Lake = Sea
  • Sea + Sea = Ocean

At this point, you can make Primordial Soup. just combine Ocean or Sea and Earth to make a Primordial Soup.

Now you will need the Lightening and Energy element.

To make Energy combine –

  • Fire + Fire

To make Lightening, combine the following in the respective order –

1. Earth + Earth = Land

2. Land + Land = Continent

3. Continent + Continent = Planet

4. Planet + Air = Atmosphere

5. Atmosphere + Water = Cloud

6. Cloud + Cloud = Storm

7. Storm + Land = Lightening

Now you have everything to make Life. Combine Sea, Lake, or Ocean with lightning/Primordial Soup/Energy to create Life.

After you get Life, combine Life with Soil. this will give you Grass or Plant.

2. Place Roots Under The Ground

If you consider our real life, here grasses have a simple structure of roots with leaves. They grow on the land often. And that is why, in the game, when you make grass, a pop-up message says Nature’s carpet.

The developers also stick to the fact that grasses grow on lands of Earth. And that is why they gave us the following combination to make Grass –

  1. Earth + Plant
  2. Plant + Land

Use any of these combinations to make Grass in the game Little Alchemy 2.

Unique Elements To Make Using Grass In Little Alchemy 2

Apart from the world of the game Little Alchemy 2, our real-world life has also a direct or indirect connection with grass. There are more than 10,000 types of grass that grow on various kinds of soils and cover almost 20% of the surface area of our planet Earth. Without grass, the animals who depend on plants for food will not have enough food.

Without grass, the grains like paddy would never have been farmed. Nowadays we use grass to make medicines and fuel too. And architects use grass to mix with mud and make building blocks. And apart from all these, without grass, our planet would have not been so beautiful.

There are a few formulas that you can try using grass. I am giving you them below.

  • To make plants, combine Grass with Big.
  • To make Seaweed, combine Grass with Sea or Ocean.
  • To make Reed, combine Grass with Puddles, Swamps, or River.
  • To make Swamp, combine Grass with Mud.
  • To make Peat, combine Grass with Time.
  • To make Algae, combine Grass with Lake.
  • To make Dew, combine Grass with Dawn.
  • To make Catnip, combine Grass with Cat.
  • To make Moss, combine Grass with Boulder, Stone, or Rock.
  • To make Park, combine Grass with City or Village.
  • To make Ant, combine Grass with an Ant or Animal.
  • To make Nest, combine Grass with a Bird or Egg.
  • To make Oxygen, combine Grass with Carbon Dioxide.
  • To make a Garden, combine Grass with Flowers.
  • To make a Greenhouse, combine Grass with Glass or Aquarium.
Key Takeaways
  • The Grass is one of the most important elements in the game Little Alchemy 2.
  • You have only 2 ways to create Grass in Little Alchemy 2.
  • You first have to form the element Life in order to make Grass in Little Alchemy 2.
  • You must have to create the element Plant in order to create Grass.
  • To make plants, combine Soil with Life.
  • To make Grass, either combine Earth with Plants or combine Land with Plants.
  • Combine Grass with various elements to create other elements.


As millions of gamers want to know how they can make Grass in the game Little Alchemy 2, I thought I should write an article on this topic. I hope when you will finish reading this article, you will know everything about creating Grass in the game Little Alchemy 2. All the best! Happy gaming!

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How Do I Make Plant In Little Alchemy 2?

Ans. To make Plant, you have to combine the Soil element with the element called Life.

Q2. How Do You Make Algae With Grass In Alchemy 2?

Ans. You have to combine Grass with Lake in order to make Algae in the game Little Alchemy 2.

Q3.  How Do You Make A Spider In Little Alchemy 2?

Ans. To make a Spider in the game Little Alchemy 2, combine either Animal with Net, or Animal with Thread, or Animal with Web.

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