How To Master Interesting Techniques In Gaming


Gaming is becoming increasingly competitive, and lucrative. There are many ways to compete, increase your influence, or even profit from your passion for gaming. But with increasing competition comes difficulty in finding success and your niche in the ever-expanding field of the gaming industry.

Creative Gaming Techniques

Gaming is advancing in many ways. If you want to stand out, you’re going to have to make a splash. There are many ways to do this. And you’ll need to do most if not all of them if you want to stay competitive. There are a few kinds of audacious gaming methodology. This article discusses cheats, emergent gaming, and advanced performance-based engine exploits.

There are many methods to increase basic gaming skills, and you’ll need to use such methods to refine your general skills. But even with the best fundamentals in the industry, it’s not likely you’ll get the twitch fan base or the e-sport recognition that you’re looking for. However, utilizing the methods demonstrated here may give ambitious gamers the edge they need to make waves in the community. 

Classic Cheats and Hacks

Cheats are the classic and quintessential way to gain an advantage in gaming. And they are as effective as ever. Sims 4 cheats and GTA 5 cheats are some of the most highly searched keywords related to gaming even here in 2021. 

Of course, cheats can come with risks. If your methods are detected and reported, you will likely invoke the ban hammer. So if you don’t want to get yeeted into cyberspace, you might want to be sure to procure your PUBG hacks from a reputable source if you want to get away with it. There are so many cheats and hacks that they can’t be covered effectively here. Fortunately, most people already know enough about them to take care of themselves.

Relying on cheats alone will get you caught. So you better also read a guide on the basics of the game, so you can at least show a decent performance on your own.

Advanced Performance-Based Engine Exploits

Advanced performance-based engine exploits are ways to manipulate gaming engines in ways that are creative and unforeseen by developers. While most of these aren’t exactly new, they are usually only exploited comprehensively by the most skilled gamers. And so it is necessary for the up and coming gamer to master each of these skills. 

More importantly, it’s important to become familiar with the different kinds of engine exploits so that you can learn to identify and exploit glitches and weak spots in new and interesting ways. Discovering, demonstrating, and streaming such exploits is a surefire way to increasing your influence in the community.

How To Master Interesting Techniques In Gaming
How To Master Interesting Techniques In Gaming

Here is a list of some major exploits that should be mastered:

  • Sequence Breaking is when you exploit a glitch in a game to bypass a large portion of the game, or even go right to the final boss.
  • Speedrunning is related to Sequence Breaking. The point is to take advantage of game mechanics to run through the game as quickly as possible. Combining this with Sequence Breaking is the way to complete games in record time.
  • Rocket Jumping originally meant shooting a rocket at the character’s feet to blast off and reach normally unattainable speeds, distances, and heights. This method now shares its name with a variety of mechanical exploits that leverage hp damage for mobility.
  • Circle strafing is a mobility technique that takes advantage of avatar rotational speed limits to confound and confuse fps players thereby making it impossible for them to hit you.
  • Spamming doesn’t refer to annoying email or chat techniques. This kind of spamming refers to several different techniques of repeatedly doing the same action and thereby making normal gameplay impossible. The most famous example is throwing grenade after grenade at the same location, this is more commonly known as ‘nade spammin’.
  • There are countless others like camping, spawn camping, rushing, and trick jumping

For some famous examples, check out the top 8 most famous game exploits of all time.

Emergent Gaming

Emergent gaming is the name applied to all kinds of non-linear play and/or the creation of unintended and creative solutions to the gameplay. Emergent gaming is the epitome of creativity in gaming. 

Many of the exploits mentioned here are forms of emergent gaming, while other forms are the basis upon which non-linear games are designed. Emergent gaming can be applied to performance(the discovery of rocket jumping is an example of emergent gaming), but it is even more well suited to improve your twitch subscribers and expand your influence by giving you the ability to make unique and interesting content.

Developing and mastering unique and interesting gaming skills starts with knowledge and a plan. A summary of different game exploits has been demonstrated here. Now it’s up to you to master them and discover new and interesting ones to gain the advantage and become a more interesting gamer.

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