Is CBD Oil Good for Your Skin?

    Is CBD Oil Good for Your Skin?
    Is CBD Oil Good for Your Skin?

    Anytime you search CBD Oil and its benefits, most often you will come across multiple articles that discuss how it is beneficial to several health conditions or diseases as mentioned here. Seldom will you find the research that has been done in using it topically on the skin.

    The below information is for you if you are interested in knowing this side of the spectrum – whether it is good for the skin or not. So, let’s dive in and get to the juicy information, shall we?

    Can It Do Anything Positive for Your Skin?

    There are many things CBD and Hemp plant extracts are, but harmful is not one of them. For something that has been around for thousands of years and first used to treat ailments such as gout and arthritis back in the 2300 B.C., has nothing but good things about it.

    To add to this, it has now been made legal in multiple different countries around the world, and as a result, many companies have taken a deep dive into manufacturing and producing some exceptional products out of the famous cannabinoids present in the Hemp Plant.

    When one goes to the store or via online to purchase an item, they should go towards the certified, lab-tested varieties. Make sure they have their certificate of analysis readily available to the public both online and in literature brochure form like this one here:, and move away from any back-door operation that “promises” to cure anything and does not know the difference between an isolate or THC, for that matter.

    Let us look at 3 good things it can do for your skin.

    A Solution for Your Acne. This is an exciting one because most of the world’s population suffers from it, even the adults. As a result, a lot of research is going into this to find out what CBD oil can do for those who are in this group. The simplest explanation for what it is sebum that gets mixed with environmental pollutants, which clogs the pores on the skin and cause acne or pimples.

    According to research done on this, it has been noted that CBD stops this in its tracks. When applied topically it has shown to suppress any activity within the sebaceous glands, which prevents them from producing excess sebum. Plus, the added benefit is, it also helps minimize inflammation. So, if you suffer from this, applying CBD oil directly to your skin can do wonders at keeping acne at bay. One can even make their own at home, using some natural ingredients and a few drops of moisturizer.

    A Solution for Your Aging. As an anti-aging cream, this compound has been a winner in our books so far.  As we age, so does our skin. It becomes more elastic, less plump, and bouncy, and as a result, one tends to get wrinkles and age spots due to several other external factors too, such as the weather and pollution.

    In 2019, a review was done regarding the endocannabinoid signals that play a fundamental role in the regulation of “keratinocyte activity”. Basically, what this means is, CBD when applied on the skin, can act as an antioxidant that can enhance the skin, including treating various skin ailments, skin diseases, and minimizing the look of scars.

    A Solution To your Dry Skin. That’s right. This too is a moisturizer and a very well-known one and has been for decades. Applying CBD oil or moisturizer directly to the skin can help soothe any dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rashes. It is used to bring hydration to the skin’s surface as well as can penetrate deep into the layers to keep it going for hours in a day. When added to any carrier oil, such as argan, jojoba, or coconut oils, one can reap double the benefits of the carrier oils and the CBD oil.

    The main message to take home is, whatever one you choose, make sure it is of the highest quality CBD on the market. Buying something that has 2% CBD in it and 80% additives, fragrances or perfumes, and other chemicals will do more harm than good to your skin. It’s the only one we get, so looking after it is key.


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