Jumping Right in With Final Fantasy XIV

    Jumping Right in With Final Fantasy XIV
    Jumping Right in With Final Fantasy XIV

    We have already gone into detail about the reasons Final Fantasy XIV should have a preferred position on your list of games. Of course, getting fully engrossed in a sprawling MMO is never quite as easy as that. So, to give all newcomers to the world of FFXIV a head start on this impressive game here are some things you should know.

    Not, everyone will be so lucky to start their game in the company of seasoned games with deeper insights and mad skills. I was! And, in the light of what an advantage it can be to have some insider information from the very beginning, I would like to provide some important information from one who has been through this game in its most recent form.

    Do not skip A Realm Reborn

    Don’t pass up this important part of the game. While some of the preliminary portions of the game are not quite so interesting and can take a while to get through, it is definitely worth it. You will get a far better feel for the story and that will definitely add to the gaming experience further in the game.  You can also skip through the expansion if you like. Square Enix has created a special content item called Tales of Adventure –which can be purchased for a price (real money).

    Jumping Right in With Final Fantasy XIV
    Jumping Right in With Final Fantasy XIV

    But, this doesn’t mean you should take the option to “catch up with friends already playing the game” or “jump to the latest challenges.” I have been in the thick of the fight surrounded by players who were far ahead in rank and experience. My advice, go slow and take action if you want to actually appreciate the game. If your friends want you to enjoy the game they will also suggest you do this.

    Get ready for a game that can fully-enthrall and captivate the mind and the imagination and don’t hesitate to give your full attention to this game. If you skip out on key points you will be missing out on the very fundamentals that make the moments of magic so awesome.

    If you are beginning on a congested server, the best time to log in would be after midnight. There is a good chance that not even this will work.

    Just the other day, someone playing in the Free Company that I use was asking if there was a way their friend could join our game. Their friend would create their profile and character and then try to enter the game but would not even be accepted. This is perfectly understandable, whenever I try to log on I will spend at least 5 to 10 minutes a day waiting in a queue before being permitted into a game.

    Therefore, it would probably be very difficult for a new player to gain access to a game especially in peak gaming hours, Friday to Sunday.

    If you are having a hard time accessing a game at this time the best thing to try would be logging onto your servers at about 3 am, in the early morning hours. The queue can be no joke to access for new players, but after you have made your first character and gotten past the first cutscene the problems are usually gone after this.

    That is, of course, if you are able to get in at all.

    Leviathan, the server that I use will no longer be accepting new characters because the population has already gotten too high. If you will be beginning on a server like this, you will want to look for one with a low population and pay to have your character transferred.

    Focus on Main Quests and Feature Quests

    Esteemed gamer, I beseech you to get well acquainted with Eorzea, but don’t get too caught up in this part that you miss the fabulous story that awaits you. There are more stories and side quests than you could imagine in FFXIV and not all of them require the Warrior of Light.

    Take time to focus on the quests for your job, but make sure you are paying equal attention to main quests and feature tests as well. These are the most interesting and fun and they give you plenty of experience points to allow you to stay at a good level with other more advanced players.

    Do all the daily roulettes—including and especially the ones on the main quest

    You will get a major experience boost by doing duty roulettes. FFXIV Gil. Can also help you achieve this faster. The same goes true if you are just starting out or at a very high level. These are lovingly known as “dailies” by the FFXIV community as their values and benefits will reset as the clock strikes midnight in Japan each day. It will not take long to unlock these dailies, and there is so much waiting to be unlocked.

    There is one roulette that many people want to skip because there is a good chance that the spin will drop you off at the end of the last level in a Realm Reborn. This is a quest filled with interminable cutscenes that can easily make the whole experience take a good half an hour. But, by the time you advance to level 70, the whole thing is basically a free level.

    It does require 12,000,000 XP to reach level 70, but now you can walk through and make yourself a sandwich during the lengthy unavoidable cutscenes – and walk away with extensive experience.

    Jumping Right in With Final Fantasy XIV
    Jumping Right in With Final Fantasy XIV

    Get the Square Enix Software Token app

    Google Play’s App Store offers a XIV Companion App that is a good addition, but I really recommend the Square Enix Software token App. You will get the prompt to log in each time you boot up FFXIV, you will see a “One Time Password” field below the regular password field, and it is a good idea to make full use of this. You will find a page on the Square Enix site with more information about this app and how to set up your account.

    This is a good idea because it is not uncommon in the modern-day and age to see your account flagged for malicious behavior once it has been hacked. The smartest thing to do will be to protect your account rather than having to figure that out when it has already been hacked.

    Make sure you have written down the serial number for your registered account. You can find this in the email you receive when you complete the registration. This is a good thing to have when you switch phones or have any other tech issues.


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