Path of Exile – Top 10 Most Expensive Unique Items


There is a distinct number of items in the Path of Exile, so much so that it can be an overwhelming factor for new players. It raises questions on what the best ways are to spend PoE currency, as well as using PoE orbs and finding out what the best PoE Uniques are. One thing that does come to mind out of curiosity is what are the most expensive unique items in the Path of Exile?

The following list will feature legacy PoE items and more as we take a look at what the most expensive items are in Grinding Gear Games’ popular ARPG.

Double Legacy Vessel of Viktor

The Vessel of Vinktar is a PoE unique Topaz Flask that comes with four variants and will set you back around 150 Exalted Orbs (exalts). The mechanics include a Shock Radius, which shocks enemies within a radius of around 30 units. If you want to acquire a Vessel of Vinktar then you can do so via the Vinktar Square. Alternatively, you can also acquire one from the Avatar of Thunder.

Double Legacy Shavronne’s Wrappings

Meanwhile, Shavronne’s Wrappings offer a PoE unique Occultist’s Vestment. It is able to prevent chaos damage through the bypassing of your character’s energy shield and costs around 175 Exalts. To acquire it, you will need a vendor recipe with The Offering, The Aesthete, The Body, Arrogance of the Vaal, and Jack in a Box. Needless to say, if you are looking for Body Armour that is useful and valuable, then look no further.

Demigod’s Stride Boots

If you have reached level 12, then you can get your hands on Demigod’s Stride, which is a PoE-unique pair of Golden Caligae. These are a prize for reaching the top of the PoE class in particular races during seasons 3 and 4. They cost an estimated 200 Exalts and have a number of neat traits to go with them. They have Elemental Resistances and increase both movement speed and rarity of Path of Exile items found.

Legacy WindRipper Bow

If you are looking for a valuable bow that packs a punch, then check out the WindRipper Imperial Bow. Costing around 225 Exalts, this bow conjures up Elemental, Cold, and Lightning damage. It also has increased attack speed, a higher critical strike chance, and it increases the number of PoE items dropped by enemies that you have frozen. It will also increase the rarity of Path of Exile items that have been dropped by shocked enemies too.

Eyes of the Great wolf

The Eyes of the Greatwolf serves as a unique Greatwolf Talisman and sits in Tier 4 of Talismans. It has a required level of 52 and costs around 300-400 Exalts. The PoE items are able to double the effect of it modifies, so it is a very useful piece of gear to deal with a lot of damage with. With the vendor recipe of Mawr Blaidd, Arrogance of the Vaal, and Jack in a Box, you are able to acquire this talisman to reap havoc with.

Not to mention, it has a pretty cool description that reads, “I am but a vessel for a greater force. It acts through me. Speaks through me. Decides what lives and dies through me. And will change the world through me.”

Atziri’s Reflection Golden Buckler

Working as the fated version of Atziri’s Mirror, Atziri’s Reflection is a PoE unique Golden Buckler. With an estimated value of 400 Exalts, this Path of Exile item requires you to be at level 68 with 130 Dex. With this Golden Buckler, you can expect increased movement speed, plus added intelligence, evasion, and elemental resistance. You can acquire this with a vendor recipe of The Queen’s Sacrifice and Atziri’s Mirror.

Angler’s Plait Unset Ring

The Angler’s Plait is a unique ring and is somewhat a part of an ongoing joke from the developers. This surrounds the long-running joke about fishing being a part of the game and acts as one of the only PoE items in the game related to fishing at all. As for the value, it sits between 400-600 Exalts, and comes with a rather witty description of “A man can spend his whole life fishing before he learns it is not fish that he seeks.” Quite a clever pun from Grinding Gear Games it would seem unless you are a fan of fishing in these kinds of games.

Watcher’s Eye

The valuations are starting to get even higher, this time with the Watcher’s Eye. This unique Prismatic Jewel has an estimated value of 500-750 Exalts. In terms of acquiring one, it can only be dropped from The Elder if the Spare lives, and also via the Uber Elder. The upgraded version of the Path of Exile item can be achieved using The Smurai’s Eye and Azyran’s Reward. It has the ability to increase your mana, maximum life, and energy shield, so it may be worth forking over your hard-earned Exalts if possible.

Legacy Kaom’s Heart

This is where the price hike really begins. Kaom’s Heart is a unique Glorious Plate that has an estimated value of around 1400 Exalts. With a level requirement of 68 and 191 Strength, this place offers additional maximum life and increased fire damage. It can be found as a regular drop, or even obtained through Kaom’s Cache. With it offering a legacy variant also, you should certainly consider trying to find this neat piece of body armor if possible.

Demigod’s Presence

Topping off the list is Demigod’s Presence. This is a unique Gold Amulet in Path of Exile and has a value of in and around 1800 Exalts. This was a prize item given out to players in Closed Beta races, so the only way for you to obtain one potentially is via trading, hence why it is considered to be so valuable. It does offer the ability to increase your character size, plus it gives elemental resistances and increases the rarity of your found PoE items.

So, if you have been wondering what to spend your hard-fought PoE currency on, these are a few recommendations for you, though the reason they are on this list in the first place is due to their high expense. It goes without saying, but it might be time to start getting your hands on some additional Exalts!

Do you have any of these Poe items? Let us know in the comments section below!

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