Roulette Fortune Wheel History

Roulette Fortune Wheel History
Roulette Fortune Wheel History

Historians believe that Roulette is a mix of several different games, but it does not prevent it from being one of the most popular types of gambling entertainment in the world, both offline and online.

The game is incredibly popular and has already served as a source of inspiration for movies featuring casino. Like any legendary game, it is filled with interesting facts and stories:

Origin: the name comes from French – “little wheel”, because first variation of roulette game had small wheel and less numbers. This game also called the Devil’s Wheel, because the sum of all numbers is 666. In addition, there is a legend in which the Blanca brothers, who brought the Monte Carlo Casino to the top of success, sold the soul to the devil, and for this reason they were able to monopolize the secrets of roulette;

Charles Wells: This great gamer was the second to “break” the famous Monte Carlo casino. Of his 30 bets in a row, he managed to win 22 of them and left the casino with a good amount of money. So, as practice shows, by playing roulette, there is a real opportunity to win a very decent amount of money;

Joseph Jagger: Jagger was the first who won at Monte Carlo. Suspecting that there were serious problems with the roulette structure, Jagger and 6 of his assistants calculated the most repetitive combinations on several roulettes. With these values, Jagger managed to win several victories in a row until he broke the bank.

This gambling is one of those games that managed to become cult and began to move to the online world. Now players can play online roulette of different types on the gambling websites without leaving comfort of own home.

Roulette Fortune Wheel History
Roulette Fortune Wheel History

Great winning without losses

There is no need to sell all your belongings to play roulette online, as Ashley Revell did. Fortunately, nowadays you can start your game for real money with small amounts starting from 1 dollar.

The interest in this kind of games, where luck is the judge of life always was as a part of humanity. There is a special charm in such excitement. That is why the roulette and other gambling games are so popular part of the internet culture. There are special advantages to the online version as well. Such as impeccable honesty. Because the virtual roulette eliminates the human factor of fraud. Simplicity. The game does not require experience and skills, so even newbies can play roulette online.

To learn more and try your luck in roulette you can visit the Casinonic website here – By provided link you can find all of the main elements of the game of roulette, a brief history of the game, various bets and payments available in-game, and some of the accepted, albeit controversial, “strategies” of winning in the game of roulette. Roulette is a glamorous game, and although it is played less compared to blackjack, it remains the basis of all major casinos around the world both, land-based and online.


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