Spring Onion Stardew: Where To Get It!

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Greetings, Stardew Valley fans and fellow gardeners! We set off on a beautiful springtime adventure today, led by the alluring scent and vivid colour of the common spring onion. We are lured to the tranquil fields and remote areas of the valley as the seasons change and nature awakens in pursuit of this delicious wild delight.

We will wander through meadows, forests, and riverbanks with our trusty foraging baskets in hand and hearts full of anticipation, discovering the abundant treasures that await us. The spring onion serves as a reminder of nature’s abundance and the basic pleasures that exist in our digital haven because of its crisp texture and pleasant flavour. Therefore, let’s embrace the excitement of discovery and allow the gentle

In Stardew Valley, you may utilize Spring Onions (S.O.) to earn a little money and restore some of your health if you find them. You may read more about its advantages, applications, and more in this manual Of Spring Onion Stardew.

What Is A Spring Onion?

You may find it in the year’s first season as a foraged good. Additionally, harvesting it awards three more Foraging XP. But the Gatherer Profession has no advantage over this item.

Additionally, eating it would help you regain some of your vitality and health. The restoration you’ll get for each quality is as follows:

How To Find A Spring Onion?

spring onion stardew

You may forage for it in Cindersap Forest’s southeast island. It respawns every day, which has the benefit of increasing your daily earnings. It’s Periodically available in the Traveling Cart for 100g to 1000g per item.

You may also learn where to look for them by tuning into the Livin’ Off the Land channel on the fourth day of the season.

Iridium star+33+14
Gold star+23+10
Silver star+18+8

Sales Prices

Despite the mediocre starting pricing, selling them is nonetheless a possibility. However, possessing a Spring Onion Stardew Mastery would increase their price by a factor of five!

Here is a side-by-side comparison of this foraged object using mastery and not:

QualityBase pricesWith mastery
Base8gm40 gm
Iridium star16 gm80 gm
Gold star12 gm60 gm
Silver star10 gm50 gm


Tailoring is a skill that enables players to modify and upgrade their attire. Using a sewing machine, you may modify various clothing pieces for enhanced stats or new looks. The statement of constructing a Spring Shirt hints that the player may employ tailoring to produce this particular clothing piece during the spring season.


Gifting refers to providing stuff to the game’s many non-playable characters (NPCs). The comment reveals that most NPCs detest the item specified (probably the Spring Shirt) as a present, save for three characters: Leah, Linus, and Harvey. These characters have a favorable response when given the item as a gift.


In Stardew Valley, quests are activities or goals that players may accomplish to receive prizes or advance in the game. The wording specifies that the item (probably the Spring Shirt) is not utilized in any quests, indicating it does not have a particular mission related to it.


Bundles are groupings of things that players may complete in the Community Center to gain prizes. The writing says that the Spring Shirt may be used as an alternative to complete a need in the remixed Spring Foraging Bundle found in the Craft’s Room. By donating the Spring Shirt to this bundle, users may progress towards completing it and getting the related benefits.

Can’t Find Spring Onion Stardew Valley Expanded

The game’s uncommon Spring Onions may be discovered on the southeast island of Cindersap Forest. Harvesting them will raise your daily profits since they respawn every day. In the Travelling Cart, you might also find them priced between 100g and 1000g per item.


Q1. How Long Do Spring Onions Last?

They will remain fresh for approximately two weeks if you store them in the crisper drawer with a plastic bag that is tightly closed.

Q2. How Do You Keep Spring Onions Growing?

Remove the spring onions’ roots by two to three centimeters. Plant the root fragments in a container with potting soil after using the stems in whatever you prepare. A little portion of the stem should remain above the dirt while the roots are inserted. Let it develop and give it frequent water.

Q3. How Do You Freeze Spring Onions?

  • Peel and wash: Before cooking, wash the onions and trim off any outer layers.
  • Dry: For around 30 minutes, the cleaned spring onions should be put outside to dry.
  • Bag Up: The prepared spring onions should be in a freezer bag.
  • Freeze: Put them into the freezer.

Q4. How Do You Harvest Spring Onion Stardew?

Ans. In the video game Stardew Valley, do the following actions to harvest spring onions:

1. Planting: Spring onions are foraged items that can also be grown as a crop. You don’t need to buy seeds or prepare the soil for them. Find a tilled patch of land and right-click or interact with it to plant the spring onion.

2. Growth: Spring onions have a quick growth cycle. After planting, they will take about four days to mature fully. The planted sprout will grow into a full-grown spring onion plant.

3. Harvesting: Once the spring onions have matured, you can harvest them. Approach the fully grown plant and right-click or interact with it. You will receive spring onions as a harvestable item. Each plant typically yields only one spring onion.

4. Replanting: Spring onions can be harvested repeatedly during the spring season. After harvesting, the plant will disappear, and you can plant another sprout to continue growing more spring onions.

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