God Of War Ragnarok – The Sinkholes Nornir Chest [Full Guide]


In the alluring world of God of War Ragnarok, a crucial aspect of gameplay that contributes to your success is the Nornir Chests. These chests, adorned with distinctive runic symbols, are locked treasures that demand finding and interacting with three strategically concealed Runes to unlock. The rewards these chests bear are potent – you can expect to increase your health or rage or acquire a decent amount of Hacksilver, the game’s currency.

This guide is specifically designed to bring to you all Nornir Chest locations and solutions across different realms and regions of the game.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Unlocking

While engaging in the exciting quest of unlocking these chests, players often neglect to examine their surroundings thoroughly. The runes are usually nearby, but not necessarily in plain sight. They may be hidden behind objects, on another level, or require specific skills or actions to access them.

Quick Tips for Fast Unlocking

  • Be observant! The runes are well hidden but are usually located within the vicinity of the chest.
  • Listen for the distinct sound that runes make when you are close.  
  • Utilize your skills and abilities to access concealed areas. Some runes might be accessed from a different point of view.
  • Note the Rune symbols on the chest and match them with those hidden in the area.

Nornir Chests Locations and Solutions by Realm

To navigate this guide, you can choose to go realm by realm, from Svartalfheim to Muspelheim, or jump to a specific point of interest. Once you’ve selected the realm, we will walk you through each Nornir Chest found there.

1. The Sinkholes: Portals to Another Realm

One of the most captivating elements of this narrative is the concept of the sinkholes. In the ancient tales, it is believed that the sinkholes are mystical portals that connect the mortal realm to the realm of the Nornir. These sinkholes, hidden deep within the earth, are said to appear sporadically, allowing those who find them a glimpse into the world of destiny and fate.

A. The Chest: Guardian of Secrets

The Chest, as mentioned earlier, is a central element of this myth. It is described as an ornate container that holds the power to shape destinies. Many believe that it contains the threads of fate, controlled by the Nornir themselves. However, the chest remains elusive, and only a chosen few have claimed to witness its existence.

2. Svartalfheim Nornir Chests

A. Svartalfheim – Nornir Chest 1

  • Located near the gateway of the realm, ensconced behind a waterfall.
  • You need to find and interact with three Runes, cleverly embedded in the natural surroundings.
  • Enable your son, Atreus, to shoot light arrows at the waterfall, revealing the Runes. Try different angles till you find all three.

B. Svartalfheim – Nornir Chest 2

  • Located inside the Dwarven tomb. Look carefully; you might miss it in the dimly lit area.
  • The runes for this chest are etched in the tombstone around the area.
  • Light up the tomb using Atreus’ ability to brighten darkened areas to locate the Runes and reveal them.

3. Niflheim Nornir Chests

A. Niflheim – Nornir Chest 1

  • Inside the maze of Ivaldi’s Workshop, close to the entrance.
  • The Rune puzzle needs to be solved in a certain order, left to right.
  • Use Atreus’ arrow precision shot to secure all three Rune locks.

B. Niflheim – Nornir Chest 2

  • Located in the cursed mist region.
  • Runes are spread out, requiring strategic navigation through the mist.
  • Be aware that time plays a role here. If you linger too long, the cursed mist can harm your health.

4. Alfheim Nornir Chests

A. Alfheim – Nornir Chest 1

  • Buried in the heart of the Light Elf Sanctuary.
  • The Runes are part of a larger puzzle that includes lighting up specific patterns.
  • Warily inspect and interact with the environment, as different paths are unfolded by using light to solve the puzzle.

5. Vanaheim Nornir Chests

Vanaheim Nornir Chests

A. Vanaheim – Nornir Chest 1

  • Hidden in the Forest of Mystery.
  • Pay close attention to the echoes in this area. They can give clues to the location of the Runes.
  • You’ll have to swiftly maneuver through the forest, striking each Rune when it briefly appears.

6. Midgard Nornir Chests

the chest the sinkholes nornir

1. Midgard – Nornir Chest 1

  • Nestled in an underdog alcove near the bridge to the Witch’s Cave.
  • Runes are dispersed in close proximity to the chest and can be exposed using Kratos’ Leviathan Axe.
  • Practice your throw and recall abilities, as these are needed to unlock this chest.

7. Muspelheim Nornir Chests

1. Muspelheim – Nornir Chest 1

  • Amid the fiery trials region, close to a lava fall.
  • Runes are on spinning totems, requiring precise timing and targeting.
  • Learn the spinning pattern and utilize Atreus’ bow to shoot the Runes in the correct order.

8. Aurvangar Wetlands Nornir Chests

1. Aurvangar Wetlands – Nornir Chest 1

  • It’s tucked away in a marshy area, shaded by towering trees.
  • Investigate the handling traps with Atreus’ help.
  • Timing and agility will be crucial in dodging traps and revealing the Runes.

2. Aurvangar Wetlands – Nornir Chest 2

  • Located on a small islet engirdled by shallow water.
  • Look for Runes on hollowed-out tree trunks nearby.
  • Utilize energy transfer skills to activate the Runes and unlock the chest.

This guide will assist you in locating and unlocking each chest ensuring you uncover every piece of treasure that the game has to offer.

Instead of conventional rewards, you will now receive Yggdrasil’s Dew, a magical substance that provides substantial boosts to various stats, helping you weather the challenges with added resilience.

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