Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Monitor


As with anything you purchase, especially gadgets or tech-related items, you need to consider a few aspects first. When it comes to portable monitors, one has to look at several features to make a final decision. A lot goes into buying one, and they’re very handy to use. Read below for what you should consider when buying a portable monitor.


One feature that sets them apart from any other laptop or tablet is their portability feature. It will be much easier to carry around than a heavy laptop or a bulky and heavy tablet. When looking for a monitor for travel or trips that you embark on if your career takes you on-the-go, consider checking online reviews on the best portable monitor out there. They’re convenient to carry around and will make work on-the-go much easier. They can also fit in any of your bags. 

Weight and Size

These features are also necessary if you’re working on-the-go a lot. You need lighter monitors to easily carry them around wherever you go. You also need to consider the size according to your needs. Many go for an average 15-inch display, especially businessmen and women who prefer this size during their presentations, for example. Gamers, on the other hand, prefer a 17-inch display so they can have a wider screen fit for their games. 


Connectivity is a crucial aspect to take note of. Some of the high-end monitors can be connected to USB or HDMI, so be sure to choose according to what you’re comfortable with the most. While getting anything with a USB-A connection is fine, you will strike gold if you go for a USB-C connection as it has many advantages like being faster in terms of processing and charging. Consider an HDMI port so you can connect it to any laptop as well, and make sure that your portable monitor has a headphone port. 

Display Resolution 

Since you’ll be mainly using your portable monitor for anything, you’d like to invest in a gadget that gives you proper screen resolution. Consider anything from a 4k resolution to an HD one for the right quality and a clearer picture. Make sure that you look for high-quality displays because the colors will be sharp and bright, and the display will give you a cleaner image than any other lower-quality screen. 

Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Monitor
Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Monitor


While this might not necessarily be an important feature, bear in mind that some portable monitors have lower-quality speakers than others. So this might be a factor you’d like to think about when purchasing a monitor. Make sure it has high-quality speakers so you can use your portable monitor for entertainment as well. 


Make sure that your monitor can handle higher resolution. Many of them come with a lithium-ion battery, and that’s the preferred one because it has a high voltage fit for any user. You need a battery that can handle at least 5000mAH for maximum efficiency. This way, your monitor can last longer before charging and you won’t feel that the battery is running out fast. 

Buying gadgets these days might seem like a challenging task, but it’s quite easy when you know what to look for. Consider the above-mentioned tips and research your own as well; read expert reviews, ask around, and make sure you’ve got every info you need to make the right purchase. 

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