Tips to get the best result while dating someone online


Dating online is fairly a new experience for anyone starting afresh. A few tips will help in making the experience memorable and cherished, one because as every other thing even dating online can cause the worst nightmare of your life or with a few good and reasonable tips make it an experience of a lifetime.

  • Honesty is the best policy. So true, being honest from the very beginning helps in looking out for a similar partner on free dating websites.
  • Salutations are great, but just a salutation does not attract. A little personalized message helps in breaking the ice.
  • The location should not be a barrier. One should be open to looking out even in distant places.
  • Using a good, decent and smiling picture is thumbs up!  You will not believe the wonders a smiling picture can do, and pictures are the first thing anyone notices. As they say, visuals attract!
  • It is best to start general conversations initially and then blend forward.
  • Do not reveal any of your personal information initially. Even in after meetups, analyse and then divulge in giving out your details.
  • Listen, the key to find a good date is to listen and observe. Avoid talking too much about yourself and focus on listening.
  • Be confident enough to know your choices and what you expect in your potential dates. Do not hesitate for it.
  • Please do not ask for more photos as it is rude to do so. Satisfy yourself with the available pictures or meet up.
  • For the initial meeting, try to break the ice with general fun questions about your date. Do not get too personal while having video calling with strangers.
  • Try expanding your horizon. Go out on a date or chat with someone possessing qualities you usually would not be attracted to.
  • If your date is shy, it is okay! Give them a second chance as everybody is not that an extrovert.
  • Talk or chat with your potential date casually as if hanging out with your friends.
  • Feel free to compliment but save yourself from commenting on someone’s build-up, race or color or complimenting in a way that would make the person getting it uncomfortable.
  • Being witty and funny is alright but do not be sarcastically funny as everyone is not and maybe cannot handle sarcasm.
  • Rather than just sending likes and winks, initiate a conversation.
  • A short and crisp profile is an attractive bio.
  • Just offer enough information about your self and create a curiosity gap, leaving your potential date pondering and looking forward to meeting you.
  • At last but the most important, approach online dating with a sound mind and open heart!


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