Top 5 Online Sports Games

The mobile revolution has played a major role in the popularity of online gaming. Online gaming is most popular among the youngsters of the age group 16-29. People use mobiles, tabs, laptops, etc. gadgets to play games. Online game trends are changing rapidly; more and more games are uploaded on a daily basis over the play stores. Today, a wide range of people are inspired to plays games such as “golf it” after experiencing real-time golfing in the Millennium Golf Course which is one of the most relaxing courses to explore golf.

However, in the online world today, there are millions of sports gaming apps, and here we are listing the top 5 sports online games trending the internet.

Golf it!

Golf It! A worldwide popular online game that is dynamic, creative and filled with a fun experience. You can build and play custom maps with your friends using the coolest feature of Multiplayer Editor.

The latest version of the app has 6 different maps (Grassland, Winterland, Graveyard, Pirates Cove, Mines, and jade Temple) with 18 holes each. These maps have a different set of principles and unique gameplay. 

You can use the Multiplayer editor feature to use all the assets of each area and much more to mix them up and create new maps of your desire. 

To make this game different, an exciting feature named as ‘ball hitting system’ is introduced. The pace at which you swing the mouse will depend on harder you will hit the ball. To hit the ball exactly in the hall, you will need to practice and gain experience.

FIFA Football

It is a game that tests the stamina and endurance of the player. 2 teams of 11 players try to score a goal into the opponent team’s goal without using hands and arms. Players are allowed to pass the ball by hand-passing, carrying and kicking the ball. The only goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball within a penalty area. The team that scores more goals wins the game. To explore more about this game, you can use FIFA Emulator.

Motorsport Manager

Are you ready for a breath-taking experience? Every youngster who wants to live a lavishing life loves sports car. Another trending game of this era for the management lovers is Motorsport Manager. It emphasizes performance, thrill, and management. You can customize the cars, build your teams, hire drivers and enter into the world of racing. You need to be proactive while making decisions, every single decision count in your success and increases the chances of your winning. 

NBA (National Basketball Association) Live

This ball game was originated in the U.S and gained its popularity in no time. This team game can be played both indoor and outdoor providing numerous different venues for the spectators to watch the game. 2 teams of 5 players face each other at a rectangular like a court, each team attempting to gain points by throwing the basketball into the opponent team’s basket. The team with the ball is called the offense. This game test the player on various skills. Team scoring more baskets wins the match.

Fire Pro Wrestler

Fire Pro Wrestler is the greatest wrestling game that has taken on the internet. Everything can be customized, from the wrestler to the ring in the fight for the belt. Different modes like Deathmatch, no-holds-barred Gruesome Fighting, MMA and SWA homebrew rules that mix pro wrestling. To get a better insight into this game, visit Wresting World


Online games help in the development of an individual as they are full of fun and excitement. In this rapidly changing world and the pace at which the internet is blowing our minds, it is sure to enhance even the technical skills required in today’s life.

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