Types of Casino Bonus- a guide to different types of casino bonus or promo

    casino bonus or promo
    casino bonus or promo

    Online gaming is witnessing a drastic breakthrough throughout the world. This is because you walk with online casinos in your pocket. Provided you have access to the internet, you can enjoy your favorite game from whatever place. With a single tap on your phone, you will feel the thrill of playing an exciting online game concurrently increasing your chances of landing grand wins.

    With the increasing number of online casinos, you sure want to play your games from the best casino there is. The best casinos offer different incentives to the players such as bonuses and promos. Promos and bonuses differ from one casino to the other. Before, you register on an online casino, ensure you familiarize yourself with their type of promos and bonuses. Such knowledge will help you make a well-informed decision when playing your games. That said, let’s look at different types of promos and bonuses offered by online casinos;

    Welcome bonuses

    This kind of bonus is common to almost every other online casino. However, different terms are used to describe them. But they are just but the same thing. For instance, they are called new player bonuses, opening bonuses, sign up bonus or first deposit bonuses. However, the welcome bonus nature differs from one casino to the other. Some casinos offer a higher welcome bonus while others offer low welcome bonuses.

    You get this bonus after making your first deposit. In most cases, these bonuses offer stands at 100%. This means that you will receive an equal amount with your deposit as the offer. For example, suppose you deposit £300, then you will receive a £300 bonus.

    No Deposit bonuses

    Betting is exciting and risky at the same time. It’s exciting when you land big wins and risky when you have to deposit your money to play an online game you are likely to lose. If this is your fear, don’t worry, you can select an online game that offers no deposit bonus. That way, you won’t have to deposit any money to play. This saves you the risk of losing your hard-earned cash.

    Nevertheless, things are not so easy as they seem with no deposit bonuses. Such a casino is prone to exploitation by players. To prevent they come up with high betting requirements. It’s a defense mechanism. Still, in some casinos, they will allow you to play without making a deposit but in case you win, you can`t withdraw your money without making a deposit first. To be on the safer side, ensure you go through the terms and conditions keenly before you all set to start.

    Reload or monthly bonuses

    These are otherwise called royalty bonuses. These are for active players. If you keep playing, you are rewarded with loyalty bonuses. This will keep you going. However, online casinos no longer advertise these bonuses. If need be, they notify you through text or email. So, if you want to get frequent bonuses, be an active player.

    Payment method bonuses

    Most casinos offer a broad range of payment methods. However, they have the most preferred. So, they tend to encourage players to use a specific payment method by use of payment method bonuses. It could also be a newly introduced payment method. That will require them to compel players to use it through the use of this kind of bonus.

    Higher Roller bonuses

    This is the VIP bonuses. They are players who love dealing with big figures. Hence they make fat deposits. Such a player is entitled to a higher roller bonus. Some casinos offer higher bonuses such as free holiday ticket, expensive gifts such as iPad or something enticing. They do this to keep higher roller players around.

    Free spin bonuses

    This is very common in most online casinos. The free spins are also called extra spins, cash spins, welcome spins or wagers free spins. This is for the new player. Note, some free spins come with wagering requirements while others are without the wagering requirements. So make your choice well.


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