Understanding the New ASUS Android Gaming Smartphone. ROG ON!


When it comes to gaming, the Republic of Gamers line from ASUS has always been the prime choice. Since it started in 2006, the ROG has gone to great lengths to provide the best gaming experience. From building motherboards for desktops, top-of-the-line gaming laptops now comes innovations made to smartphone gaming.

Smartphones have slowly become more than an accessory, but a necessity. Not just for communicating, but also for daily tasks like office work, paying bills, and so on.

What ASUS’ ROG has done with the smartphone is to upgrade its gaming capacity. Using insight provided by esports gamers and game developers, they have produced an Android phone with next-level mobile gaming and graphics.

ASUS First Game-Changing ROG Android

Understanding the New ASUS Android Gaming Smartphone. ROG ON!
Understanding the New ASUS Android Gaming Smartphone. ROG ON!

The first Android device in the ROG line, it is equipped with a special Snapdragon silicon that comes with innovative cooling which produces crisp frame rates and HDR visuals. Its programmable AirTriggers makes using the phone feel like you are holding a controller, comfortable and handy.

Other features include accessories for docking to desktop, console-like controls with a wireless display, and doubling on screens and batteries.

The latest technology to deliver a faster and seamless gaming

When it comes to gaming, there is nothing more annoying than a laggy device. Performance, indeed, is key for competitive gamers who would like to be ahead of their competitors. For this reason, just like all their flagship devices, ASUS equipped the ROG phone with the latest Snapdragon 845 SoC which has Adreno 630 graphics and eight Kryo CPU cores to provide the right horsepower to sustain high graphic games.

Special chips were also binned to make sure that the ROG phone runs at faster frequencies. The result is a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip with 2.96 GHz, about 200 MHz faster than any other Qualcomm mobile chip.

For sufficient battery life, the Snapdragon 845 reduces the clock speeds when the phone is idle and creates a balance between power-efficient CPU cores and high performance. This measure to improve battery life affects the speed of the game. To address this, ASUS created the X Mode to raise the minimum clock speed. You can enable this instantly in the phone’s Quick Settings menu or activate it in the Game Center.

The ROG phone also has a GameCool system that comes with a copper heat spreader and a 3D vapor chamber to avoid thermal throttling. Additionally, you can attach an AeroActive Cooler which helps with heat dissipation to lower the phone’s processor temperatures, especially for intense gaming sessions.

ASUS’ first Android phone indeed takes the lead in mobile gaming. Today, serious players are not just discussing which consoles or desktops are best for their respective esports games. Now, mobile is making its way to competitive gaming.

So get ahead of the game and choose your weapon by going to Harvey Norman to check out the ASUS gaming range!

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