What Are CSGO Betting Sites?


    Counter-strike: Global Offensive or simply CSGO, is one of the best and most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games right now. It is also one of the pioneers of electronic sports (E/sports), as the game created a strong competitive scene which allowed for big tournaments to be organized. It is one of the games that allowed the Esports industry to grow massively over the last couple of years.

    Along with the growth of the Esports industry is the massive growth of the online Esports betting industry. Many people thought that both industries will not thrive over the last couple of years, but both are still growing at a very fast rate as the demand for Esports action and online Esports betting continues to increase. 

    CSGO Betting Sites

    Ever since CSGO was launched in 2012, it quickly became one of the most exciting and popular online games. But CSGO is no longer just a game for many people. It has evolved into something more exciting, as it became a good money-maker especially for Esports enthusiasts. CSGO betting sites, as its name suggests, are websites where you can place your bets on your favorite teams or players and get a good chance to earn real money.

    The emergence of CSGO betting sites has allowed many Esports enthusiasts from all around the world to earn real money by simply betting on their favorite teams. CSGO betting sites can accommodate any type of online bets. The most popular and simplest form of CSGO betting is match-winners. Betting on match winners means you’re going to place your bet on a team who you think will win the match. 

    Aside from match winners, other types of CSGO bets have been introduced as well. Bets such as player versus player, kills, deaths, and assists are also becoming more popular these days. You can also bet based on an individual player stat or on a pistol round, which are often the most thrilling bets to place.


    Choosing A CSGO Betting Site

    It’s important to note though that not all CSGO betting sites are the same. Although there are some of them that aim to provide an exciting and entertaining esports betting platform for people, there are others that exists to just scam people. So, you have to make sure that you are always on one of the best CSGO betting sites to maximize your chances of winning. 

    A good CSGO betting site should have the following several key features:

    • Fast payout – Fast payouts is one of the most important commodities that a CSGO betting site must have. The best CSGO betting sites, on average, will only take 24 hours for them to cast out your winnings and can take up to 72 hours for heftier pots. If the betting site takes several days for you to withdraw your winnings to your bank account, then you should better find another one.
    • Bonuses, promotions, and promo codes – You can’t stress enough the importance of having a good start when it comes to Esports betting. This is why you should choose a CSGO betting site that offers a very good support program especially for newbies. Choose a CSGO betting site that offers numerous and significant bonuses which will allow you to multiply your initial deposit and increase your chances of winning.
    • Multiple payment options – You must also make sure that your chosen CSGO betting platform supports your preferred payment method. A good CSGO betting site should offer multiple payment options for their users and pick the one you’re comfortable with. Also, make sure that you review the fees including the minimum/maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts for each of the payment option available on the platform. 
    • Customer support – Customer support is an important element of a good CSGO betting site. Your chosen CSGO betting platform should have a very good technical support system and must have effective customer support channels which includes live chat and telephone lines. The very best CSGO betting sites employ an experienced customer service team that are ready to answer your calls and live chat inquiries 24/7.
    • Easy to use – Ease of use is also an important consideration for choosing a CSGO betting site. The best CSGO betting sites designed their platforms to be simple enough for beginners to use. They employ a responsive betting platform that loads instantly and have a very smooth page-to-page navigation so their users will have a good time placing their bets.

    Final Thoughts

    As the popularity of Esports betting continues to grow today, we can safely say that CSGO betting will also do the same. Thanks to the very competitive and thrilling nature of the game, many are drawn to it which is why we see a lot of new people going to CSGO betting sites nowadays. Even though CSGO betting is very competitive, the rules are clear and simple which is why it is so easy even for a beginner to place a bet and win big. 


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