Why are Gaming Hacks so Popular?


Hacking games have been going around from the time video games came into existence. Offline hacking of games is very different from hacking online games. While hacking offline games is pretty harmless in nature as it does not involve money and it is not against other people, online hacking is very serious in nature and most gaming companies and platforms completely ban people found using cheats or hacks.

Nonetheless, people who derive thrill from winning from system or other people want to win all games that they play irrespective of the genre. For all the fun, people can go all out to find ways to get an edge over their competitors.

Today there is no dearth of sources from where you can get cheats or hacks for all the latest games in the market. Gaming companies that launch new games have become very strict and vigilant against people using cheats or hacks whether offline or online. They believe that it deprives the other people their genuine enjoyment of the game.

Gaming companies employ ethical hackers and top-class IT professionals within their system to find ways to hack their games. This helps them bring out weaknesses in their system before launching. In spite of all the care, even today you can get hacks for the latest launched games just after some time in the market.

Finding Game Hacks

There are ways you can find hacks for a game or some games that you wish to play on your mobile or PC with the help of internet. You just need to research a little bit on Google or any search engine for cheat or hack for your desired game or games and you can easily come across many websites offering hacks/ cheats for your desired games/ games.

There are many ways to hack a game, some of them require to root your android device and some don’t. Then there are hacking apps like cheat engine android, game killer, Cree hack Leo play card or SB Game hacker APK. Some of these apps require rooting of your android device and some may be dangerous to the device of the user, especially if you are a new comer in the field of game hacking.

There are methods which don’t require you to root your android device but would require you to use modified APKs which are again dangerous for your device. The safest way to hack an android game is by using android emulators.

Android emulator is a platform that you install in your android device which acts exactly like an android phone. This style is much better as you save your android phone from viruses and malware on one hand and also from losing personal information contained in your android phone on the other.

Biggest online Gaming Hacks

One of the first big online gaming hack happened in 2011 when Sony play station network was hacked and 77 million accounts were said to be compromised that forced Sony to turn off the play station network for 23 days.

The second biggest hack happened on 25th December 2014 again on Sony X box Live and Play station network that prevented people from playing their favorite games for nearly 48 hours.

The third biggest happened again in 2011 on an online video game service Steam that saw data breach for thousands of users.

In 2012, Germany based online gaming site Gamigo being hacked with the attackers posting passwords of more than 11 million users.

This shows how deep gaming cheats/ hackers have penetrated into the online world. Although most online and offline gaming companies have become very strict to game hacking, people still continue to intrude in the territory for money and pleasure.

Where to get gaming cheats/ hacks

While you are deliberating on creating a hack for a game, one of the most important issues would be where to get the gaming hack for your desired game. One of the best and safest websites for most of the old and latest games irrespective of the platform on which the game is developed, can be found on https://zipcheats.com/.

This is a wonderful website that provides you all the information about the game, the shortcuts and ways that can help you generate more points and win the game. It provides you with cheats/ hacks to your game without asking to install any software in the phone that could potentially damage it.

The website also educates you in most comprehensive manner on how to clear various levels, what is required, what mistakes are commonly made and what you can do to avoid mistakes committed by many overzealous gamers. The hack that the website provides to you is very easy to follow. It provides detailed step by step guide to use the hack. The website also guides you as to where the hack will prompt you for a question that is very easy to answer, and also what you need to do with it.

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