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World of Warcraft, wow classic gold is an online gaming multiplayer platform, where you can create your characters, models according to your mind creation. It helps to boost your mind creation power. The initial release date of World of Warcraft (first version) was on 23-11-2004, the announcement of classic gold was in 2007 and in 2019-08-26 this game was launched globally and breaks the record of other games, this game is popular among all individuals because the game world is a real-world among all individuals who use to play this game. The highest character level in this game is set to 60. This game can play on two platform Microsoft WINDOWS, macOS


BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT is considered the mother of ONE of the games (WORLD OF WARCRAFT), it is an American video game developer based in Levine, California. Three graduated students found 1Michael Moraine, 2Frank Pearce and 3Allen Adham of California University in Los Angeles on February 8, 1991. However, in the beginning, they made software for other companies, by the year 1993, they started to develop games like The Lost Vikings and Rock n Roll Racing. They officially have nine studios and offices in different nations. They have launched many products like Diablo series, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Starcraft series, Warcraft series, and many more.



Well, it is straightforward to play this game, before start individual have to choose the mode (NORMAL, EASY, HARD) after that individual has to choose the avatars according to their taste, well there are around nine avatars present: HUNTER, DRUID, MAGE, ROGUE, SHAMAN, WARLOCK, PRIEST, and WARRIOR the player must have to make alliances with each other, however, in the old version of this game only alliance players can become paladins and only mode players can become shamans well, the game world is restored to the real world, and the game balance is set to the 1.12.1 version.


Many sites sell WOW GOLD, but we can’t trust any sites because nowadays, there are many fake sites built to catch individuals by their website design. Still, the simplest and safest place according to me where you can buy wow classic gold is AOEAH; this is the most trusted site who guarantees that your WOW account is secure.

In the beginning, individuals have to login into the website, then you have to select the region where you belong from, after this, you can buy wow gold according to the size of your pocket.

Moreover, some tips and tricks help you know when you should have to buy the wow gold and when to sell wow gold.

In the end, I always use marketing strategies while purchasing and selling wow gold.

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