Why you should be careful when you buy an elo boost on League of Legends

The most played MOBA game in history, League of Legends, is still at the top of sport games 10 years after his development. The community stays active for a long time and doesn’t seem to give up this game even after all those years. The members are mainly located in Europe, North America, and Oceania. Elo boosting is used on the Europe west server and in North America, where the competition is more present among the community. Something surprising is that most of them are doing elo boosts without knowing its real danger.

Boosting is not so safe

Elo boosting represents a threat to your account if you are doing it wrong, especially in League of Legends. It can be tolerated by developers from some other games, but on LoL, this is not the same story. The system is tracking many accounts to check if the players are actually playing on their own account or not. This is not something hard to do, they just need to look at the IP address that the user connected with. This way, the system can know if the player is boosting his account or not, unless the booster connected from a virtual private network and modified the location. This may result in a suspension of this account during weeks or even permanently if it already happened before.

Avoid unknown services

During your research with elo boosting services, you have to take into consideration many aspects. First, check if the boosting website is hiring masters or challengers players. This is the minimum ranking a player should have to be able to boost anyone and at any tier. The fact that he’s experienced at playing at high levels means he won’t have any problem completing your elo boost. Moreover, when you buy elo boost, you should avoid platforms if they don’t give you permission to chat with the booster who takes in charge of your account. This lack of communication can be an issue if you want to be informed about the progress of the boost. Another thing you should do is to verify if the support is online in case anything happens to the player. If the support you contacted isn’t answering or if you don’t see him often online, then this is recommended to avoid it. Only look at serious boosting services if you care about your LoL account. Asking someone else you don’t know isn’t safe at all, even if his profile and rank look great. You can’t be sure if your elo boost will be completed and if he’s just not going to run away once your payment is done.

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