A Definite Guide to Avoid Being Scammed in Buying RuneScape Gold

A Definite Guide to Avoid Being Scammed in Buying RuneScape Gold
A Definite Guide to Avoid Being Scammed in Buying RuneScape Gold

RuneScape gold is necessary for most people who like playing; however, you might get scammed or conned when purchasing the gold. To prevent the loss of gold, it would be necessary that you take necessary caution and purchase it from trustworthy dealers. Consider implementing the following safety measures to avoid being scammed when buying RuneScape gold.

How to avoid being scammed

Select a Seller with a Great Reputation

You might find it challenging when looking for an ideal place to purchase that runescape gold safely. To avoid being scammed or getting banned when buying the RuneScape gold, it would be necessary that you find the right seller. Expert gamers would advise you to purchase in-game currency from trustworthy sellers. Try looking for a seller with a track record and a reputation considering that with a reliable seller, you will trade safely, and you are guaranteed to enjoy the game. 

Analyze the seller’s ratings

Never approach anyone or a company that claims to sell RuneScape gold without performing a background check. You need to do thorough research to locate a genuine seller, and one way you can achieve this is by checking the rating feedback. Using the input, you can check the number of people who have successfully transacted with the seller, look at possible complaints, and view the experience that other customers had.

Avoid Giving your OSRS to any person

Most people get scammed as a result of giving away their RuneScape to friends and family members. Upon purchasing the RuneScape gold, ensure that you keep the details to yourself as you enjoy the game. In case strangers inquire about the purchase of the RuneScape gold, you should walk away or entirely ignore them. The action will help in protecting your gold.

Turn off your private and public chats

To keep your account safe, you need to shut your private and public chats whenever you purchase RuneScape gold. Upon finishing the transaction, it would be necessary that you shut down the conversations for 30 minutes. Also, consider leaving the trade place immediately; your gold is delivered to ensure safety.

Safeguarding your personal information and keeping the account private

Your information and account details need to be a secret, given that most people have lost vast chunks of RuneScape gold by sharing such data. Upon sharing the information, you will have awarded individuals with questionable reputation access to your account; therefore, they can easily have access to your gold. You must keep your details private to avoid scam artists.

Actions to take when you are scammed

In case you suspect that someone is a scam artist, ensure that you report them using the game report button. You can also seek help from a Jagex Moderator or a player moderator to help you sort out the problem on the spot and always remember that most resources are already in the game for you to use. However, the best way to deal with scammers is by using the report and ignoring techniques. This way, you will have notified Jagex about the scammer, and you won’t have to deal with them ever again or hear complaints about the scam artist.

Popular scams in RuneScape

Doubling money scam

This scam is employed to steal your item or a considerable amount of gold.  The scammer aims to gain your trust and raise your confidence until you offer a substantial sum of gold. They will double the value that you first provide using a cash generator. However, you should know that it’s a scam given that RuneScape doesn’t have a generator that creates millions. Once you notice such a scam, ensure that you report to a moderator.

Trust games

In a trust game, a scammer will entice you with an item with the hope that you follow them to a place where both of you can talk. They usually offer valuable items or considerable sums of money, and upon reaching the site, they will raise the value. Once the time has elapsed, the scammer might either give out the item or fail to issue the item; then, they log out.

RuneScape giveaway

This scam comes from phishing whereby a scammer will lead you to a link on Facebook, Twitch or YouTube then ask you to follow the link. The URL appears similar to the RuneScape website, and it will ask you to log in. Clan invitations frequently advertise the links, and upon noticing one, ensure that you report them to the advertising website.

Generally, there are numerous RuneScape gold sellers in the market, but unfortunately, most buyers have lost their money due to a scam. It is a painful experience to lose that hard-earned cash; therefore, it would be essential if you took the above measures to keep that gold safe.


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