A total guide on Parachute Games: everything You need to Know is Here

A total guide on Parachute Games: everything You need to Know is Here
A total guide on Parachute Games: everything You need to Know is HereA total guide on Parachute Games: everything You need to Know is Here

If you are thinking of helping your kid have a blast outside then no other game will be better suited to the situation other than the Parachute games. Because of the fun inducing ability of this game, many kids look forward to it.

That is why this particular game has been introduced in many curricula as it not only induces fun but also teaches. In this article, we will tell you everything that there is to know about the parachute games for kids and how important it is to let them indulge in it.

What is a parachute for kids’ games?

There is no parachute game that is there originally but parachute is used to help form a game that will be more beneficial to the kids. Parachute is only a variable in the games which makes it more fun as kids love colorful settings. So if you are thinking of having a game with a vibrant setting then this is perfect.

There are many games that are built around the parachutes and that is why they are known as a parachute as it plays a huge part in the execution of the game. The parachutes games are very much active and make the kids indulge in them actively.

A total guide on Parachute Games: everything You need to Know is Here
A total guide on Parachute Games: everything You need to Know is Here

Such games that are played in the shed of the parachute are cat and mouse, ball games, parachute toss, ring around the Rosie, etc. Like we have discussed, all these games are played with or without the parachute but having the parachute makes it more fun and engaging from the child’s point of view.

What are some of the places that have adopted the parachute games?

Because of the characteristics of the game that has created a fandom for the kids, many associations and institutions have adopted this game playing.


2.early elementary school

3.As a physical education classes

4.gymnastics classes

5.and organized recess

Birthday parties

A total guide on Parachute Games: everything You need to Know is Here

This can be played everywhere, anytime, in any place bigger than 20 to 30 feet in diameter. The more space the more fun it will be as many kids will be able to participate in it. Playing this game and helping your kids to play parachute games will help them in many ways.

  • It will help them come together with other kids.
  • It will help them become participants.
  • It will help them to socialize more.
  • It will help them grow more friends
  • It will help them be more friendly
  • It will help them adopt a positive outlook.
  • It will help them cheer up.
  • It will help them know the value of a coalition.

So this game is a win-win situation for everyone as no one will lose anything. Anyone can play this game, from 18 to 80. As long as you are ready to have fun, enjoy it.

Some engaging outdoor recess games for kids with a parachute:

A total guide on Parachute Games: everything You need to Know is Here

Here we have made a list of engaging games in which your kids can divulge in. All these games are very good and will help your kid evolve as a good human being who will know the value of togetherness. It is the social value that makes us feel complete. It is this value that we seek. Through this game, it is possible to do so. Let us know what are some of the games to include.

  • Some parachute games for kids parties:

The games that we will discuss right now will be good for your child and his playmates at a party. Suppose you are throwing a party and all the parents want their kids to have a good time then this is the game that will get them going at once.

  • Cat and mouse: There will be a child who will be placed on top of the parachute now up on the parachute there should be more than three children. If there aren’t more children then at least three will be fine. All those children who are sitting around the child are the mouse and the children sitting in the center is the cat.

Now one of those children has to get up and run around to tag the children playing the role of the cat. Now the children who are playing the cat will try to tag the mouse who tagged him before he gets under the parachute to match the rhythm that of his peers. 

As he will be hidden under the parachute which will make it tough for the cat to catch the mouse who tagged. This is the fun part of the game which will not only help your child analyze it but make him act fast too.

  • Ring Around the Rosie: This one is a traditional nursery rhyme that each and every kid likes to play. So you can add the parachute in the game to make it more fun.  You have to take any on of the children and have him walk in a circle while he will be holding on to the parachute.

Make all the other children circle around that one child while holding the ends of the parachute. Now when the children will say, “We all fall down!”, the rest of the children will be holding the end of the parachute have to sit on the ground. as the parachute goes up it will make an air bubble which will make it more fun.

  • Some parachute for school kids games:

All these games will be very good if you are looking forward to including this game into the recess session or into your PE session..it will keep them engaged and hooked to the game.

  • Ball games: At first you will.havs to collect many beach balls. Now you have to place the balls on top of the parachute. Before doing that you have to make sure that you spread the parachute around the lawn or wherever the setting is.

After doing that and after spreading the balls on the parachute, you have to divide the children into teams. After doing that you have to instruct them that they will have to get the balls or in other words catapult the balls one by one. The team that gets it done in the least amount of time will win.

  • Parachute toss: It is very similar to blanket toss, at first you have to spread the parachute on the playground. After doing that gather all the children around it. Now you have to have someone sitting in the middle of a parachute.

Now you have to instruct the children that at the count of three, all the children will try to attempt to lift the person who is sitting in the center off the ground and on the parachute up into the air. This is a risky game but both these games are will teach them something.

  • What does this game teach them?

The games that have been mentioned here are tricky but it will teach them about the values of working together. It will teach them how to work in unison and how by working in unison they can accomplish any game. Not only strength but brains will help them win too. It will help them gain trust and become close friends in this cruel world.

  • Some earth day parachute games for kids:

The game that will be mentioned here will be very beneficial, not only for the kids but for the environment too. Let’s jump right in.

  • Bounce the ball: At first, you have to gather all the kids. Now get the parachute out and try to spread it. Now along with a parachute, you will need a ball. At first, you have to divide the children into a group. Now tell the kids to take each end and hold it up.

When they hold up the parachute, you have to throw the ball in the middle and instruct them to bounce the ball on the air and catch it on the parachute. They have to continue doing it until the ball falls on the ground. If the ball falls down then the game is over. It is time for the next team to try their hands in this.

  • Some large parachute games for kids:

Kids when in great numbers can easily play this game.

  • WAVES: At first you have to spread the parachute on the ground and tell the kids to spread out evenly around the parachute. Now tell them to hold each end and put it upwards. While holding the parachute tightly, the kids have to move their arms up and down in an orderly fashion to imitate the function of small and large waves. It will be fun.
    • CATHEDRAL or CIRCUS TENT: At first you have to get the parachute out. Now have the parachute lowered, tell the kids to put their arms above and as high as possible. Now when the chute is high, the other participants have to run towards the center player as fast as they could before the person gets tagged.
  • Some parachute games for older kids:

All these games that will be mentioned here can be played by older kids.

  • The switch: At first you have to have the parachute out. Divide the kids into two teams and number them similarly, like 1-2-3-4-5 and then again 1-2-3-4-5 and so on. Now that numbering the kids are completed, have them gather around the spread parachute. Tell the kids to hold up the parachute as high as they can. Now when someone will shout number one switch, both the kids who are numbered one have to switch their places by making way inside the parachute.
  • Some water games for kids using a parachute:

You can easily make the water balloons and have the kids play with it.

  • Catch the balloon: At first, you have to either buy the water balloon parachute or make it. It is easy to make one. Now that it is done, launch the parachute in the air. After that, you have to tell the kids to try to catch it. That kid who will catch it first will win. If it is a big parachute then divide the kids into teams and tell them accordingly.

What is the best parachute brand quality for kids’ games?

Material: The brand doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality of it. As long as any brand is providing the mentioned quality, you can easily opt for any of those.

  • Polyester
    • Lighter to lift.
    • Has the capacity to resist the UV rays
  • Nylon
    • Heavy
    • Water-resistant
    • Strong which means won’t tear away easily.

If you can find any parachute which has a mixture of those, please buy it.

Price: Now the price depends on the size and the material it is made out of. Sometimes it depends on how many other features are added to the parachute. Some parachutes have handles, carrying bags, to some other reinforcements. So the price should be ranging from $15 to $150.

Which parachute size for kids games to buy?

It depends on the age of your child. If it is used in a gymnasium then chances are anyone from any age group can use it. If your children are not more than eight years old, then it is best to opt for a smaller parachute which should be closer to the 6- to 12-foot range.

For those kids who are older than 8, then the size could go up to 30 feet across. Many times some games require a bigger parachute so it is best to have both in your gymnasium because you never know which one you might need when.


If you are still clueless about it then you will find parachute games for kids booklets in bookshops that will help you pick a game and also help you maintain the parachute. Hopefully it will keep you ahead of the game.

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