Research Shows Student Who Play Video Games Perform Better At College

Research Shows Student Who Play Video Games Perform Better At College
Research Shows Student Who Play Video Games Perform Better At College

Video games have always been considered to be harmful to children’s mental development. But almost all of them adore playing various games and parents have nothing left but to let them play at least sometimes. Students who miss their deadlines and risk getting a low grade, don’t mind to get help with assignments from professional service. If you spent a lot of time playing and now face the challenge – to complete a difficult task, you’d better follow the students’ example and get assistance.

But what if we tell you that the opinion about the harm of video games is outdated and completely wrong? Scientists decided to study this issue, and some of them revealed the benefits of having such a hobby. The critical thing you should remember is that students shouldn’t overdo it because if this hobby comes to the detriment of studying, it can’t be helpful.

Numerous studies have shown that avid games have higher IQ and successfully pass the various tests, including the analyses of spatial cognition and perception. They have higher cognitive flexibility and excellent multitasking skills. And all of these abilities are necessary for studying. It’s time to find out what benefits gaming gives to studying in detail.

Students become more engaged

Video games teach students learning by doing. The characters in any game have a particular aim and should complete particular steps to reach it. Teachers who use such an approach in teaching observe that students can retain information easier and are eager to participate in classroom activities. Kinesthetic learning has more in common with video games; that’s why children become more interested in attending classes and obtaining new information. But some subjects may still be beyond their abilities. It’s no more a  problem because provides assistance with complicated papers and subjects to make studying easier. 

Students realize the importance of rules

A lot of students who have rebellious nature simply don’t realize the importance of following the rules in the classroom and college at all. Playing video games can indirectly influence their opinion because each game has certain rules and patterns. And the world in the game works according to them.

Students obtain new information

Research Shows Student Who Play Video Games Perform Better At College
Research Shows Student Who Play Video Games Perform Better At College

Those who prefer playing video games with historic scenes may find out a lot of interesting historical facts and improve their knowledge of history and other related disciplines. Shooters may help to find out about the kinds of weapons and their construction. Of course, it won’t help students master all disciplines, especially complicated ones, such as science. But they may always rely on the science homework helper and order the homework.

Students get used to working in a team

Counter-Strike, Dota, Lineage, and lots of similar games let people create teams and play together. Ask any teacher, “What is the most widespread problem in classroom settings?” and you’ll get an answer “Isolation and disconnect between classmates.” People refuse to participate in group activities, and as a result, they can’t get the necessary social skills and information. Those who play video games on the team often don’t have any problems with group work in class and can easily communicate with peers.

Students become more attentive

Quite often, video games require the player to track several objects simultaneously, and because of it, avid gamers may easily concentrate and sustain their attention. That’s why when students need to complete the task or assignment that requires rapid response and utmost attention, they perform better than those who don’t play video games at all. Retention of focus is especially important while students write long and monotonous assignments. Essays and other similar papers cause a lot of difficulties because of the necessity to sustain attention for a long time. If you have the same problem, explore the list of top writing services, and you’ll surely find the place where you can get assistance.

Students are taught to achieve their goals

Video games offer players to pursue long and short term goals. It’s completely the same that they do while studying. While playing, people should use their abilities to get through the obstacles and use their brains to figuring the ways out of different situations. Studying also requires students to manage their time and resources to attend all classes and submit the papers in time.


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