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Wensix is a trustworthy name when it comes to manufacturing the sleek and ergonomic gaming chairs. The high back gaming chairs are comfortable for a long span of gaming and working hours alike.

The enthusiast e-sport gamers are always in necessity of a chair that can provide them an unstressed body posture. It is because players spend hours in the same position.

Moreover, the chair’s seat, arms, and back are required to be highly adjustable to suit the needs of the various gamers. Additionally, the specially made gaming chairs are also expected to complement the desk and make an appropriate angle alignment while seated.

Wensix Gaming Chair’s Review

Wensix has earned respect from the customers due to its promising customer services. 

The high back gaming chair by Wensix meets the standard of that of an adjustable racing car seat. The chair hugs your back with leather upholstery. The curve of the chair allows you to posture your body in a cozy manner.

Let’s have a detailed account of its features and find out its positives and negatives. You can better decide whether Wensix gaming chair is worth your money or not.


Additional Rests and Cushion Supports

The ergonomically designed chair contains padded headrest similar to memory foam. The lumbar support provides proper alignment to the spinal cord while sitting for longer hours. To the pro gamers, Wensix chair bestows the best possible body postures by cradling the back through its curve shape.

Beneath the seat, there is a pull-out footrest to make sure that you are not left without foot support during long hours of play and work. 

As for the armrest, it is not only padded and comfortable but properly curved to adjust the arms and provide them with the targeted support.

Highly Adjustable Gaming Chair Ever 

The best part of this chair that can capture customers’ attention is the high level of adjustability for almost every area you name. 

The back seat due to its high adjustability feature does not allow you to work and play only but sleep as well. Yes, you heard it right. The chair can move from 90 to 180 degrees allowing you for multiple back positions.  This is where the product sparkles the most. 

The premium PU leather seat is adjustable on various height positions, and the same goes for the armrest. You can adjust the armrest in multiple directions too.  

The lower area makes a sturdy frame with a castor wheel for smooth mobility and durability. Although, a few of the buyers felt the unpleasant sound while moving the chair. In our opinion, it can hardly be proved as a deal-breaker.

Pros and Cons


  • 360-degree swivel, 90 to 180 degree back positioning
  • Additional head pillow and lumbar support
  • Multiple colours 
  • Stylish with ergonomic contours


  • Feels unsteady sometimes
  • Unpleasant sound while moving


With its sleek design and high level of comfortability, Wensic gaming chair could be a top choice when you opt for comfortable seating during extended hours. The slight noise while moving could be compromised when it offers a comfortable multifunction at this price.

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