Join A Live Game Using Blooket Codes (June 2023)

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Blooket is among the most fascinating and enjoyable methods for youngsters to study important educational subjects while having fun. Tom and Ben Stewart came up with the idea for the website as a fun method to learn while playing the game. Let your children participate in and play in live matches that blooket game id also hosts for the viewers.

However, you’ll need the game’s ID code to sign up for these sites. You may play using principles shared by others or during a live match. So let’s look at the Blooket Game ID Code that is currently active and how to join it.

Working Blooket ID Codes For Live Games

Whether you’re a student trying to put your knowledge to the test or just someone seeking a trivia challenge, finding an online gaming room won’t be a worry anymore. We got you covered with our extensive and constantly updated list of ID Codes for live Games in blooket game ids . Rest confident that you’ll have no problem finding an engaging game to join and exhibit your trivia knowledge.

Expired ID Co D es

  • 497014
  • 5124264
  • 389738
  • 355555
  • 8936019
  • 768456
  • 9028310
  • 899054
  • 283536
  • 985227
  • 860159
  • 466877
  • 843129
  • 584165
  • 7643619
  • 325202
  • 3778473

How To Input ID Codes

blooket game id

Blooket gamers will find it relatively easy to enter codes. To begin, navigate to the Blooket website & log in. Whenever you have signed in, just hit the “Play” button at the very top of the screen. live blooket codes Then, enter the blooket id codes in the Game ID field and click the arrow. That’s it! That simple. Follow these steps, and you’ll be ready to dive into the fascinating world of Blooket in no time.

How To Join A Blooket Live Game?

Here is how to use the codes to join a live Blooket game:

  1. Start by opening your web browser.
  2. next visit
  3. Select “Join a Game” from the menu.
  4. This is situated next to the “Blooket” logo in the upper left corner of the screen.
  5. Your browser will launch a new page.
  6. Please put the game ID numbers from Blooket here.
  7. Use your Google account to log in.
  8. You may also create a fresh account separately for Blooket and then utilize it to access the games.
  9. Now play the game to your heart’s content according to the instructions on the game screen.
  10. That’s all; your children may now play the game and learn.

Blooket Game Mode Types

blooket game id

Blooket is a learning game that provides a variety of game modes to make studying engaging and interesting for kids. 

1. Classic Mode

The basic game mode in Blooket is regarded as a traditional mode. Hosts may create own questions or pick a set from the Blooket library to play with. For a player to receive points throughout the game, players must submit promptly and provide exact responses to questions. The player having the greatest number of points at the completion of the game is named the winner.

2. Tower Defense

To construct towers and repel enemy assaults, Tower Defense players must answer questions accurately. The objective is to defend a castle from enemy attack while successfully answering questions to get points. Players may get more points by improving their towers and deploying them strategically.

3. Racing

In the racing mode, players must fast react to questions to advance their autos ahead. The winner is the first person to cross the finish line. Collecting coins is another option for players to obtain additional points on the course.

4. Hide & Seek

Players are split into the hiders and seekers teams in the hide-and-seek game. To hide from the searchers, the hiders must adequately respond to questions, while the seekers must track down and tag the hiders. After the match, the side with the most points wins.

5. Roulette

Players in the roulette mode spin a wheel to choose a category of questions. They must then respond to the query accurately to get points. The roulette wheel has certain spots where players might lose points as well.


Booklet codes continue to deliver an exciting and preparatory experience for players to join live games. With its user-friendly design and various gaming possibilities, Booklet codes have become popular for virtual learning, team building, and amusement. The platform’s frequent modifications offer a dynamic & entertaining gaming experience. 

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