How To Complete Diablo 4 Dead In The Water Choice


The Diablo 4 Dead in the Water mission has you burning corpses and assisting the small community of Backwater. If you know where to seek, the quest will even lead you to an Altar of Lilith location. You must assist Tomaj in the burning of Fresh Corpses and ultimately decide whether to reveal the truth or lie and the implications of your decision. This tutorial will teach you where to find this quest and how to fulfill it.

This guide will follow you through the whole Dead in the Waterside quest in Diablo 4, which was published on June 6, 2023. 

A Walkthrough For The Quest Dead In The Water In Diablo 4

Salvaged Resources and Fresh Corpses can be found nearby. A blue circle drawn around the location on the map is important. When you reach it, you get an attack by a swarm of Drowned. Some of them, such as Dreadful Raider, can be rather powerful, but you should have no trouble killing enough monsters to acquire 10 Salvaged Resources. This contains a full breakdown of all quest objectives:

1. Help Tomaj: After conversing with Tomaj, drive south of Backwater with him to find and click on three Fresh Corpses.

  • The first corpse can be found in the northern half of the area depicted on the map.
  • Find the second corpse in the center of the map’s specified region.
  • The third corpse can be found in the southern section of the area depicted on the map.

2. Salvaged Resources: It is obtained by killing Drowned monsters in the region. Get ten of them.

3. Slay the Drowned: Drowned monsters spawn around a stranded man in the quest zone’s south. Assassinate them.

4. Speak with Ervin: Tomaj and Ervin will both be following you after this.

5. Return: You have come back to the eastern part of Backwater and bring Tomaj and Ervin with you.

6. Talk to Tomaj: Talk to Tomaj.

7. Speak with Szilvia: Right next to him, speak with Szilvia. Either option is effective! The quest is now complete.

How To Start The Diablo 4 Dead In The Water Quest

To begin Dead in the Water, you must locate Tomaj. He’s on the dock at Backwater. You’ll overhear Szilvia telling Tomaj that the drowning sightings are becoming worse by the day and that he needs to prove his worth by assisting. After their conversation, speak with Tomaj, who will seek your assistance.

After commencing Dead in the Water, you must burn three fresh corpses and collect ten salvaged resources. A new search site will appear south of Backwater, and you’ll have to hunt for the Fresh Corpse spots. The Salvaged Resources will drop as resources from opponents you destroy within the circled region.

Dead in the Water Fresh Corpse Locations

Dead in the Water Fresh Corpse Locations

You can find all three Fresh Corpses by moving south through the search area. The first was the northeastern corner of the territory. The second was in the center of the map, between three forks. You’ll need to go all the way to the southeast corner for the final one.  

Simply interact with each corpse to accomplish the mission and burn the Fresh Corpses. Tomaj will take care of the rest. Tomaj, on the other hand, is mostly simply following you around like a drunk. When you get to the final Fresh Corpse in the southeast corner, you’ll come upon a Stranded Survivor. He’ll appeal for assistance, and two brief enemy waves will occur. I had no issue getting rid of them.

Dead in the Water Altar of Lilith Location

The Stranded Survivor will descend from his perch and join your small gathering. Before returning to Backwater, you should claim the Altar of Lilith, which is located slightly southeast of the Stranded Survivor’s initial position. It is just past the wooden structure. 

Assuming you’ve gathered all of the 10x Salvaged Resources from defeated opponents, you’re ready to proceed to Backwater to finish the mission. 

Speak with Szilvia (Lie vs Truth choices)

Return to the dock where you first saw Tomaj and chat with Sylvia. You’ll hear Sylvia express her astonishment at Tomaj’s capacity to do much as the town drunk.  Tomaj will deny any assistance and claim that he completed the task totally on his own. 

Szilvia is startled as Tomaj has already completed the task and will suspect that you assisted him. You must now pick whether to tell her the truth or lie to her. If you inform her you assisted Tomaj with the task, she will instruct him to leave and summon you to a meeting with the boss. You will rescue Tomaj’s job if you lie and say he accomplished everything himself. But it won’t make much of a difference because you’ll still have to meet with the boss.

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