Does Attack Speed Affect Whirlwind In Diablo 4


Whirlwind is one of the most iconic skills in the Diablo series, especially for Barbarians. Understanding how attack speed affects this skill can be the key to optimizing your gameplay. This comprehensive guide aims to unravel the mysteries surrounding Whirlwind and attack speed in Diablo 4.

Additionally, Whirlwind does not scale off of Attack Speed, so this is a pointless stat. However, it appears that Duel Wielding does speed up the attack.

What is Whirlwind?

Does Attack Speed Affect Whirlwind Diablo 4

Whirlwind is a skill that allows Barbarians to spin in a circle, dealing damage to all enemies in their path. It’s a core part of many Barbarian builds and is often the focus of optimization efforts. Understanding how attack speed affects Whirlwind can significantly improve your Barbarian’s performance.

What Stats For Whirlwind Barbarian Diablo 4?

When optimizing your Whirlwind Barbarian, several stats come into play. Critical Hit Chance and Attack Speed are often considered the most important. These stats not only increase your damage output but also interact in complex ways with the Whirlwind skill itself.

Feature Barbarian Builds

There are several popular Barbarian builds that focus on maximizing the effectiveness of Whirlwind. The “Fury Whirlwind” build, for example, focuses on generating Fury quickly to sustain a constant Whirlwind. Another build, the “Critical Whirlwind,” aims to maximize the critical hit chance for devastating Whirlwind attacks.

Build TypeBest Barbarian Leveling BuildBest Barbarian Endgame BuildBest Barbarian PvP Build
PlaystyleHigh AoE damage, mobilityExtreme single-target damage, durabilityBurst damage, crowd control
Primary StatStrengthStrengthStrength
Leveling Phase1-7070+ (endgame)Any level
Skills & Passives– Rend– Whirlwind– Ancient Spear
– Ground Stomp– Wrath of the Berserker– Leap
– Leap– Battle Rage– War Cry
– War Cry– Call of the Ancients– Furious Charge
Gear Focus+ Increased Attack Speed+ Critical Hit Damage+ Life on Hit
+ Life on Hit+ Cooldown Reduction+ Area Damage
+ Vitality+ Life%+ Critical Hit Chance
Best WeaponsDual-wield one-handed axesTwo-handed mighty weaponTwo-handed weapon
StrengthsFast clearing of trash mobsHigh survivabilityExcellent burst damage
Quick progression through levelsEfficient in group playStrong crowd control
WeaknessesSquishy at higher levelsSlower trash mob clearingVulnerable to crowd control
Less single-target damageLimited mobilityLower survivability
Recommended Gems– Bane of the Trapped– Bane of the Stricken– Bane of the Trapped
– Taeguk– Pain Enhancer– Esoteric Alteration
– Gogok of Swiftness– Boon of the Hoarder– Bane of the Powerful
NotesFocus on leveling efficiencyPrimarily for Greater RiftsVersatile build for PvP

Basic The community is divided on this issue. Some players claim to notice a significant impact, while others see little to no difference. However, data suggests that attack speed does, in fact, affect the tick rate of Whirlwind, leading to more frequent damage instances.

What Is Whirlwind Attack Speed In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, Whirlwind Attack Speed is a crucial aspect that directly influences how rapidly your Barbarian spins into action, dealing devastating blows to foes in their path. This Attack Speed determines how quickly your character performs Whirlwind attacks, impacting both the frequency and efficiency of your strikes.

To enhance your Barbarian’s Whirlwind Attack Speed, you can focus on the following:

  1. Weapon Speed: Equipping a weapon with a faster base attack speed will naturally increase your Whirlwind’s attack rate. Weapons such as one-handed axes or swords with high attack speeds are often favored for this purpose.
  2. Items and Gear: Certain gear and items in Diablo 4 can also boost Attack Speed, further enhancing your Whirlwind capabilities. Look for items with Attack Speed modifiers or affixes that specifically improve this aspect.
  3. Skills and Talents: Barbarian skills and talents may offer bonuses to Attack Speed, either as passive effects or temporary buffs. Be sure to choose skills that complement your desired playstyle.
  4. Buffs and Auras: Party members or specific items and abilities may provide temporary Attack Speed buffs. These can be advantageous during group play or challenging encounters.

How to Measure Your Whirlwind’s Attack Speed

Various in-game tools and third-party software can help you measure your actual attack speed while using Whirlwind, giving you a more accurate understanding of this skill’s mechanics.

Barbarian Skills

Skill Name                                           Description
Bash             A powerful melee attack that knocks enemies back.
Leap                                                     Jump into or out of combat, dealing damage where you land.
Whirlwind            Spin in a circle, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
Ground Stomp             Stomp the ground, stunning nearby enemies.
Frenzy                                                   Attack with increased speed and power for a short duration.
Battle Rage              Boost your damage and critical hit chance.
Rend                 Bleed enemies over time with a sweeping strike.
Call of the Ancients.Summon ancient barbarians to fight alongside you
Call of the Ancients.Enter a berserk state, gaining various combat enhancements.
Earthquake       Cause the ground to shake and rupture, dealing massive damage.

How To Speed Up Your Whirlwind Attack Speed In Diablo 4?

  • Use tools with quick attack rates:

Faster weapons generally result in faster Whirlwind spins.

  • Put on gear that will accelerate your attacks:

Look for gear that has attack speed bonuses.

  • Spend money on abilities that accelerate your attacks:

Some talents and skills can boost your attack speed.

  • Utilize runes to quicken your attacks:

Runes can provide temporary attack speed boosts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When Should I Start Playing Whirlwind?

Ans. As soon as you unlock the skill and have the necessary gear.

Q2. How do I one-shot Lilith with this build?

Ans. Maximizing critical hit damage and attack speed can make this possible.

Q3. What does Attack Speed affect in Diablo 4?

Ans. Attack speed affects the rate of basic attacks and some skills, including Whirlwind.


Understanding how attack speed affects Whirlwind in Diablo 4 can significantly improve your gameplay. While the community remains divided, the data leans towards attack speed having a noticeable impact. So gear up, experiment, and find the perfect build for your Whirlwind Barbarian.

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