FIFA 19 New First Touch Controls Tutorial

FIFA 19 New First Touch Controls Tutorial
FIFA 19 New First Touch Controls Tutorial

From day one the FIFA team has been aiming to develop such a game that is realistic and real to life. For the past 20 years FIFA developing team has been doing that and each year they come up with new features and tactics to make the game more fluid and fun to play for players. As there are a lot of fans around the world for FIFA.

It has become more important for the developers to introduce new features as we move into the new era. This year many features have been introduced in FIFA but the one we are doing to talk about here is FIFA new first touch controls. In this tutorial, I will guide you about all the different first touch moves you can use and how to use them effectively in FIFA 19.

Before we jump into the new first touch let me talk about the old soft touch which you guys are familiar with. The old soft touch was simple and you could use that with just using your left stick that could flick a ball a little and you could deceive your opponent. This year It all comes with a variety of things which I will discuss with you guys.

Here is the list of new touches you will see or use:

  • Sprint Touch
  • R1 Touch
  • Flick Touch
  • R3 Touch
  • Fake Shot Touch

Sprint Touch Controls

Sprint touch can be used by players to get a boost in the ball. To do so you will need to hold down the sprint button and L2 button on your controller. Remember sprint touch just be used in the direction the player is running otherwise you will look stupid.

R1 Touch Controls


All right Time for the juicy stuff, let me tell you about the R1 touch. Here you have to press R1 before the ball arrives while choosing a direction with the left stick, you can also tap R1 If you think that’s easy for you. There are two animations in total for R1 touch controls. First, one is holding R1 and aim where the ball is coming from.

\This will turn out to be a nice little juggle that will easily deceive the opponent player. The second animation for R1 touch control is to hold R1 and aim 90 degrees left or right, this will turn out to be a nice little spin. Both of these variations can be done at high speed even If the ball is in the air. But not to forget if you aim your joystick in the ball trajectory you will lose the ball.

Flick touch

Who needs another FIFA street? Time for another amazing and new flick shot ladies and gentlemen’s and they are so easy to do trust me. You only have to flick the right stick before the ball arrives. It works with all player and you can do it in all possible directions even if the ball is in the air.

The longer you hold the right stick the bigger animation. A big animation can be useful to maintain the pace and trick the defender. The smaller animation is most useful when you want to lay it up for a nice volley. Combining this with an L2 trick shot will make you score the goals of your career. It’s so fun when you get the grip.

R3 Touch

If you want to just look cool while playing FIFA you can use the R button to juggle. You can also juggle while sprinting. The R3 first touch can be most useful if you want to tease your opponent to push or just combine with the right stick flick when the moment arrives.

Fake Shot Touch


Finally, we will get into the fake shot first touch. This is a common move among professional players since it’s so predictable. You simply just make a fake shot. Your crossing button or shooting button followed by your passing button and then you just pick the direction using your left stick. You need to be quick and do it about 5 meters before the ball arrives at the player’s feet. Combing a fake shot while holding the L1, this will add an additional boost to the first touch. This used with the right timing will be very hard to stop. is a professional UK Fifa 19 coins sellers, welcome to visit our website.


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