Honkai Star Rail Patch Notes 1.2-Banner Guide And Release Time


Do you know that the Honkai Star Rail Patch Notes are fantastic? Honkai Star Rail has just released its new update 1.2. With this update, players get two new 5-star characters and one new 4-star character in their team. Also, the story of Honkai Star Rail finally progresses even further. 

Not only that but with Honkai Star Rail Patch Notes, players also get new content to farm out and new relics. The HoYoverse developers have given the name of this new update ‘Even Immortality Ends’. Well, be careful! This update is quite ominous. Also, it leads players to the climax of the adventure of Xianzhou Luofu. 

So, are you excited to know everything about the Honkai Star Rail Patch Notes? Well, this article will tell about it everything. Just keep reading and learning. 

Let’s begin. 

What Is The New In Honkai: Star Rail Patch Note (Update 1.2)?

The patch note on Honkai Star Rail arrived on 19th July. With its arrival, the story of the Loucha Banner comes to an end also, it marked the beginning of the story of Banner from Blade.  

Here are the Character Warps that players can get in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2. 

Version 1.2 Phase 1: Character Warp- 

  • A Lost Soul (can get a 5-star blade)
  • 4-star Arlan
  • 4-Star Sushang
  • 4-star Natasha

Version 1.2 Phase 2: Character Warp-

  • Nessun Dorma (can get 5-star Kafka)
  • 4-star Luka
  • 4-star Samp
  • 4-star Derval
Rarity5 Star5 Star4 Star
Release DateAugust 9, 2023July 19, 2023August 9, 2023

Release Time Of The Honkai Star Rail Update 1.2

The developers of Honkai Star Rail announced that their planned 5th mandatory maintenance went much faster. And now, the Honkai Star Rail update 1.2 is officially available online for every player. 

Players will be able to find a rundown about all the latest information in the Honkai Star Rail Event Banners, Missions, and Stages & Reward sections. 

An Overview Of The Story And The Next Upcoming Banner On Honkai Star Rail

The developers of Honkai Star Rail put the story of Xianzhou Luofu on hold for multiple weeks. But, with the arrival of Version 1.2, players will be able to see the fate of the Astral Express Crew and the Alliance. 

One of the main characters of the story, Dan Heng will finally be able to reunite with the Astral Express Crew after finishing his adventure and seeing some mysterious people.

Now, they must encounter numerous obstacles and challenges and roam into two unknown and mysterious regions in Xianzhou Luofu.  When players travel through the Scalegorge Waterscape and the Alchemy Commission, they can finally reach the core of the Stellar Disaster. They will also have to discover some hidden truths that are buried in the gigantic flagship. 

The developers of HoYoverse have divided the Banner Characters into two events in version 1.2. Both of them are fan favorites, Therefore, players might find it difficult to choose between the two. 

Banner Events On Honkai Star Rail

1. Blade – Character Event Warp

The Character Event Warp is live. Here, the drop rates of the 4-star characters are fantastically increased. On the other hand, the cumulative Warp count will be carried over from the previous Warp Events. 

  • Blade (5 Star): Wind: Destruction
  • Arlan (4 Star): Lighting: The Destruction
  • Shushang (4 Star): Physical: The Hunt
  • Natasha (4 Star): Physical: The Abundance

2. Blade – Light Cone Event Warp

The developers of Honkai Star Rail have added the Brilliant Fixation Event Warp as the A Lost Soul Event Warp in the version 1.2 update on 19 July. it includes the below-mentioned Light Cones.

  • 5-Star Destruction: The Unreachable Side
  • 4-Star Destruction: A Secret Vow
  • 4-Star Abundance: Shared Feeling
  • 4-Star The Hunt: Swordplay

The drop chance of the Light Cone Event is also boosted just like the drop rates at the character Event Warp. 

3. Kafka – Character Event Warp

Players do not know the release date for Kafka Event Warp yet. But, Blade arrived on 19 July. The Banner arrived around 3 weeks ago. Therefore, players are expecting that the Kafka Event Warp will probably be released on September 9. 

  • Kafka (5 Star): Lighting: The Nihility
  • Luka (4 Star): Physical: The Nihility
  • Sampo (4 Star): Wind: The Nihility
  • Serval (4 Star): Lighting: The Erudition

In this event, Luka will be the brand new 4-star character. On the other hand, it will also be a part of the Fireflies from Belobog. 

Companion Missions On Honkai Star Rail

The developers of Honkai Star Rail have also added some latest companion missions along with the integration of the new story and characters. The missions are with Yukong and Kafka at its center. 

Here are the overviews of those Companion Missions.

  1. For I Have Touched The Sky- Yukong

Players will have to reach the Palace of Astrum for this mission. They will also need to witness a past. It will change someone’s life forever. 

  1. Letter From A Strange Woman- Kafka

Players will get a message to finish this mission from Kafka. In this message, she will claim that she is in trouble. She needs the help of the players. Now, players have to rescue or believe Kafka to complete this mission. 

Note: Players of Honkai Star Rail can have these two events permanently. The Yukong Event is added to the game with its version update on 19 July. also, the Kafka Event will be added to the game on September 9 during Version 1.2  (Phase 2). Players can get EXP, Traveler’s Guide, Lost Crystal, 100 x Steller Jades, Credits, New Phonograph Records, and Ancestral Hymn as mission rewards. 

New Relics On Honkai Star Rail

Two new extra Relics and Ornaments are also added to the Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2 along with the below-mentioned stats.

Two Extra Relics

  • Longevous Disciple

It mainly focuses on boosting CRIT and HP. 

  • Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

It focuses on SPD for themselves and others.

Two Extra Ornaments

  • Rutilant Arena

It mainly focuses on increasing Skill DMG, ATK, and CRIT Rate. 

  • Broken Keel

It mainly focuses on increasing CRIT DMG for allies and Effect RES. 

New Events, Stages & Rewards On Honkai Star Rail


  • Gift of Odyssey- In case players check in for 7 days during this event, they will be able to obtain a limited-time reward that includes 10-Star Rail Special Passes. 
  • 3 Different Events- These events are Underground Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trotters, and Tales of the Fantastic. They are also limited-time event rewards. 
  • Planar Fissure- If you want to obtain double rewards, you will have to use the immersion devices in the Simulated Universe.
  • Realm of the Strange- If you want to get double rewards in this event, you should challenge Caverns of Corrosion successfully. 


  • Shape of Celestial: Stagnant Shadow- Players will be able to find the Stagnant Shadow Stage at the Xianzhou Luofu Alchemy Commission after they finish the Desolate Depth of Despair mission in the main story. You can get the Wind-Type Ascension Material known as ‘Ascendant Debris’ once you complete this mission. 
  • Path of Elixir Seekers: Cavern of Corrosion- Finish the Adventure Mission. After that, you can unlock the map of the Xianzhou Luofu Alchemy Commission. Only then, you will be able to get to the Cavern of Corrosion Stage. Finish this stage and you can get the Messenger Traversing Hackerspace and the Cavern Relics Longevous Disciple.
  • Immortal Divine Seed: Echo of War- You will witness Phantylia the Undying joining the Echo of War when she lost in the Xianzhou Luofu Scalegorge Waterscape.  Once you clean the stage, you will be able to obtain the following Advanced level-up materials: the Cavern Relics Musketeer of Wild Wheat, Thief of Shooting Meteor, Traces Regret of Infinite Ochema, Lucent Afterglow, and other small rewards.  

The developers of Honkai Star Rail have also added a new world to the Simulated Universe along with a 4-Star character, known as Herta. Players will get Herta as a reward. Players can also get new memories in the Forgotten Hall. The Memories of Xianzhou Luofu are known as the ‘Voyage of Navis Astriger’. Once you clear these Stages, you can get the 4-Star character Yukong as a reward. 

Final Thoughts

The Honkai Star Rail Patch Notes are now also available on PC via the Epic Games Store. You can also get the client on the official website of Honkai Star Rail, Android, and iOS. However, the PlayStation 5 version of Honkai Star Rail will be released in Q4 2023. The developers have also announced that they are planning a PlayStation 4 version of Honkai Star Rail.

However, we do not know about its release date yet. We hope they will release it soon. Until then, players have enough features to enjoy on the Honkai Star Rail version 1.2. All the best! Happy Gaming. 

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