How do you level up fast in WOW?

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With the Shadowlands expansion, the leveling in World of Warcraft has changed dramatically. Now the max level of the characters is 60, which was 120 before the inclusion of Shadowlands. Leveling has become faster than ever.

Now the question is how do you level up fast in WOW? No need to worry. In this article, we have provided a detailed answer to this.

How do you level up fast in WOW?

The leveling time depends on the expertise of the players. A speed leveler can complete the first 50 levels in less than 6 hours. For a casual player it will take about 8-10 hours to reach level 50. It requires about 10 hours of playtime to level up from level 50-60.

Here we are going to share some effective ways to fast level up in World of Warcraft.

Important factors in leveling:

Bonus XP:

Rested XP and heirlooms help to speed up the leveling.

Rested XP is included in the game to reward the players for returning to the game. If you log out either in a major city or an inn, then in every 8 hours, your XP will increase by 5%. It will happen while you are offline or away from the game.

The function of heirlooms has changed since the launch of Shadowlands. Now you will get set bonuses, which will help to level up your character. The amount of bonuses depends on the number of heirlooms your character wears.


Joining a guild is always beneficial. You have to find a guild on your server and join it. Most of the guilds are full of friendly members. You will find them helpful while leveling.


Mounts are really effective for fast leveling. Try to have a mount as fast as possible. Having a fast mount can dramatically shorten the leveling time.


You only need Azeroth Autopilot addon for leveling. This will help you to find the fastest route for leveling.

Fast leveling from level 1-50:

Play in starting zone:

If you are a newbie, then you will be starting in the new starting zone called Exile’s Reach. Other players can start in the starting zone of each race.

Here the players complete their first ten levels. Among the starting zones, Exile’s Reach is the fastest to reach level 10. It will take less than an hour to level 1-10.

Choose the fastest expansion for leveling:

After reaching level 10, you have to level up  from 10-50 in the previous expansions. If you are a new player, who never had a character of max-level, then you will be sent to the Battle for Azeroth. Otherwise you will be able to choose any of the previous expansions to level up.

The interesting part is that expansions are interchangeable. Which means, you will be able to move from oneto another at any time in the game.

Among the eight previous expansions, Warlords of Draenor is the fastest way to level up. It will take about 6-10 hours to reach level 50.

Fast leveling from level 50-60:

After reaching level 50, you will be sent to the Shadowlands for the rest of the leveling. Azeroth Autopilot will also be helpful here for speed leveling.

There are a few ways to level up from level 50-60. If you are a newbie, playing the Campaign Questline is the fastest way. This is the way to unlock the max-level contents. But you can complete Campaign Questline by applying a few tricks.

Before entering Shadowlands, purchase Light-Step Hoofplates from any auction house near you. Using it will increase the speed of your mount by 20%. This will reduce the time of moving from one quest to another.

Leveling Alts:

There are two options to level up the alts. You can either play through the storyline or play through the Threads of Fate. Playing through the storyline is faster than the other system.

WoW Boosting Services:

Players have to spend a good amount of time leveling up the characters. For new players, the leveling time is more than the experienced ones. To shorten the leveling time, players often use boosting service forwow power leveling. You will find lots of boosting options online. Choose a suitable one according to your needs. Boosthive is one of the best of them.

Final words:

I guess after reading this article, all of your confusions have faded away. Now you have got the perfect answer of how do you level up fast in WOW?

I hope you will apply the ideas mentioned in this article and reach the max-level in a real quick time.

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