Know How To Cheat In Kahoot-Tips, Tricks And Hacks!

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Are you also wondering about how to cheat in kahoot? Let us first know what sort of game is Kahoot.

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that is not just a game but is also used by schools and teachers as educational technology.

Schools and other educational organizations prefer using Kahoot as a very popular medium to organize quiz competitions for the students. Kahoot is available on Mobile apps and web browsers through which teachers and students can access them.

It uses the concept of gamification. Even boring activities such as lectures are turned into competitions using this game.

Just by using their game pin, students can compete with their fellow mates and even have chances to win exciting prizes.

Here we will be telling you how you can cheat and hack in Kahoot.

Is There A Way To Cheat In Kahoot?

Yes, it is indeed possible to cheat in Kahoot. You can use several third-party websites, that we are providing you here to cheat and hack in Kahoot. Here are the following websites that you can use-

  • This particular website adds a spam Kahoot bot to your game. Enter the pin for your game. Enter the number of bots you want to spam Kahoot with. As soon as you start the game, you’ll notice the answers are being spammed by bots.
  • On using this website you’ll find that after the game is over, the webpage will declare you as the winner, even if other people were leading.
  • This website also allows you to add bots to your game. These bots start spamming as soon as the game starts.

These are some of the ways to cheat in Kahoot without the app/website catching you in the act.

Possible Ways How To Win Kahoot

There is no such guarantee that you will always win the game if you play honestly. However, if you decide to hack or cheat in the game your chances of winning are ensured.

If you are planning about how to cheat in kahoot, then we have given you several options- you can use third-party websites to spam the game with bots.

Otherwise, you can always try auto-generating the answers using other websites that let you extract the answers easily in the game.

Easy Hacks About How To Get Kahoot Answers

Well if you actually follow the true ethics of the game, it is suggested that you study well to get to answer all the Kahoot answers correctly.

However, most players these days want a shortcut to win the game with leading scores without actually studying. Well, for that we have a few solutions for you.

You can use a VPN and open another tab on google while answering the questions in the game to look for the answer. Otherwise, you can always use auto answering extensions on Chrome that will fetch you all the answers.

How To Use Kahoot Winner Game Pin?

There are certain winner game pins in Kahoot. Several players are known to use these pins to win the game. Since it is troublesome to use a new code every time, therefore some users prefer keeping the pin unchanged.

We have a few general pins here that you can use-

  • 605400
  • 579000
  • 460109
  • 262106
  • 844401
  • 637408
  • 446305
  • 814250
  • 675334
  • 141004
  • 377022
  • 678512
  • 137424
  • 436194
  • 787065
  • 755570

Know Kahoot Answer Finder By Code

If you are wondering How do you get the right answers on kahoot? Then let us tell you this, the easiest option is to enter the Kahoot Game pin and parallelly open another window on google where you can search all the answers.

can i cheat in kahoot

Apart from this, there is another option/hack that you can try i.e. use the auto answering feature. There are many hacking tools available that you can use simultaneously to generate the answers in the game.

You are just required to extract the answers by using the hacking site’s auto-answer feature.

Use Kahoot Hack Answers Unblocked

There is no need to worry any longer about how to cheat in kahoot! All you need is just to follow our instructions to use the hack to auto-answer all the questions you are asked.

Use the Kahoot Auto Answer Hack extension on chrome. This is a multifunctional extension, to exploit the bugs in the Kahoot game code. These days students just use it to get all the correct answers in Kahoot games.

This particular feature also includes auto-answer, modification of the number of points per question, failing on purpose and even previewing questions beforehand.


1.How do you crash a kahoot?

Crashing Kahoot has now become a very easy affair. There are multiple third-party websites that you can use to spam Kahoot.

These websites offer you to choose several spam bots, which when you open Kahoot will just keep spamming the game even resulting in crashing the app.

2.What is kahoot hack?

Hacking Kahoot is pretty easy these days. Just follow the steps-

Step 1- Know the game pin that you want to hack. Copy the pin.

Step 2- Go to any websites that are mentioned in this article for hacking Kahoot. Enter the selected game pin and enter your nickname. Select the number of bots you want to hack the game with.

Step 3- Click on submit and then after it is successful, you will see the TRUE message appear on your screen.

Step 4- Now just click on the Flood Kahoot button and you are set to hack the game.

3.How to cheat in kahoot beluga?

In this case, Hecker sends Hecker, sends a Kahoot spammer link to Beluga. Beluga without much thinking activates the link with the nickname Hecker.

Now bots start attacking the game and Walt thinks Hecker is behind all this and therefore kicks him out.

That’s how it worked out.

4.How to cheat in kahoot point stealer 2022?

Players who are willing to play and cheat in Kahoot Point Stealer, first of all, need to copy the game pin that they want to hack.

Secondly, they require to go to the website and enter the copied game pin and nickname.

Thirdly select the number of bots you want to spam the game with and select the “I am not a Robot” option.

Fourthly, click on the option “Flood”.

Once you return back to the specific Kahoot, you will find the same number of Bots who have entered the game. And now these bots will be answering the questions.

This hack is known to work very efficiently.

To Summarize

Thus, it was everything about how to cheat in kahoot! We have provided you with all the plausible options to try and cheat and hack in Kahoot.

We hope that this guide will be beneficial for all the players who are planning or want to cheat in Kahoot.

Although in the end, we would always suggest you play the game honestly. Using third-party apps/websites to hack the game and win can also backfire on the players.

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