How to Pick a Good Gaming Monitor Easily


Every gamer knows their monitor is one of the most important pieces of equipment in their setup. It’s good to focus on the hardware and software of your gaming PC, but you need an equally powerful monitor to make sure everything works smoothly.

You’ll want a monitor that can give you better gaming experiences. It’s what you’ll see while playing and you have the choice to get a monitor with the right specs to match your other hardware. Read on to learn more about how to pick a good gaming monitor, hassle-free.

Resolution Capabilities  

A gaming monitor’s resolution is extremely important because you want a screen that can withstand your high-end gaming needs. Most great games have excellent graphics and you need a screen that can display everything smoothly with great performance. The best resolutions that you will find in the market are 1080P, 1440P, and 2160P. Depending on which stores you’re shopping at, you will find their monitors with Full HD, Quad HD, or Ultra HD (4k). You just need a monitor that can display more pixels on your screen.

The higher the resolution, the more amazing your game will look. However, you need to ask yourself if a clear game is much more important than performance because hardware limitations can get in your way. The game might look good, but it will not be smooth most of the time with the highest graphics settings on. You just need to make sure you have a powerful GPU if you intend to buy a high-resolution screen.

How to Pick a Good Gaming Monitor Easily
How to Pick a Good Gaming Monitor Easily

Refresh Rates

The monitor you’re looking for must have a decent refresh rate, which is also known as the Hz rate. It’s important because it’s your gaming monitor’s capability of displaying frames per second as you play. Refresh rate latency when playing Fortnite and other similar battle royale games is not an option for gamers, which is why you need to purchase a gaming monitor with a high Hz rate to support the game you’re playing or customize your own powerful gaming pc

But make sure it matches your GPU capabilities. For example, if your GPU can push up to 120 FPS, but your monitor has 60 Hz, then you will not have a smooth display. But if your monitor has a 144 Hz rating, then that will be perfect for your gaming needs. However, for the sake of your budget, make sure that you don’t go for the 240 Hz monitor if you don’t need it. That will be a waste of money if your GPU can barely push over 120 FPS. The smart move would be to get the 144 Hz monitor.

Adaptive Sync Features

Adaptive sync is a gamer’s best friend because the last thing anyone needs is to get screen tearing while playing. Screen tearing is when you see multiple halves of your screen tear apart randomly when you play. This happens because the game is pushing for more FPS than your monitor can handle displaying, depending on its refresh rate.

Some game settings have a V-sync option to stop that, but performance will be quite low with it. You must make sure that you find a nice gaming monitor with adaptive sync features. This could be free-sync or G-sync technology that stops any screen tearing and you’ll have excellent performance as you play too.

The Size 

There has been a huge debate for many years between gamers regarding the size of the perfect gaming monitor. Most monitors on the market will come at 17, 21, 24, or 27 inches. Keep in mind that the bigger the screen gets, the harder it is for you to see properly at a close range. And if it’s small, the resolution won’t be good.

Even though the choice is completely up to your preference, the best choice for numerous gamers has to be 24 inches. It’s the perfect middle ground because you won’t have any bad resolution if it’s smaller, and you won’t suffer any bad aliasing while playing with a bigger monitor.  

It’s important to understand that a good gaming monitor is what separates you from other gamers. You could have a good mouse, keyboard, or desk, but most of the average ones can work just fine and serve their purpose. However, a basic or mediocre monitor means less FPS and Hz rates. You need a monitor that can give you more pixels, smooth visuals, and better performance as you play. Just remember to do your research, shop around, and purchase the right gaming monitor to suit you and your gaming needs.

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