How To Start A New Game In Pokemon X- Learn The Controls And Make It Exciting


Well after a long struggle and lots of pandemonium, finally the first pair of Pocket Monster titles are there that crashes the Nintendo 3Ds. There is a huge response from the crowd after the Pokemon X release date.

This is named Pokemon X and Pokemon Y which makes several modifications which most of the fans are waiting for. Because of the latest 3D battles, the incorporation of Fairy-type and the use of Mega Evolutions, this seems to be the greatest Pokemon with the latest updates. Therefore, this is perfect for anyone with the use of 3Ds.  

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how to start a new game in pokemon x

Beginning with the adventure that began in the Kalos region players are made to appear for the action and they are employed to find out their own unique starter monster. This is accomplished in very quick succession and is full of information. The new series is tailor-made for those who are quite used to this series and the new trainers are here to kick start their journey.

Getting Puzzled-Learn How to Make a New Game in Pokemon X?

If you choose any used version of Pokemon X or Y, or you want to kickstart your journey, you have to understand how you can go ahead with this. In the Pokemon titles, you need to begin a new game from the main menu. 

You can begin the process using the progress of the saved files. Just, you’ll need to remove and format the existing version of Pokemon X or Y before you go ahead. In order to accomplish this, upon reaching the title screen you need to press Up on the D-pad, then press B, and finally X simultaneously. 

how to start a new game in pokemon x
How-To-Start-A-New-Game-In-Pokemon-X- Learn-The-Controls-And-Make-It-Exciting

You will find a popup that will ask you to remove the current saved file. Now you need to confirm that you are trying to do this thing and the game will restart. When you come across the title screen this time, you will find an option that tells you to begin a new game available in Pokemon X & Y.

If you face any instances when entering the button sequence, you should try and provide the details since the opening cutscenes are already in the game. This is because as per the report some players enjoy more success this way.

That’s all you must understand to get a good grasp on how to make a new game in Pokemon X & Y.

How to Restart Pokemon X

There are two types of restarts/resets you are capable of. If you want to reset your game’s save file: Once you get to the screen where you select between New Game, Saved Game, et cetera, press B, Up, and X. This will cause your save data to delete, and you will have “restarted” your game. 

There is also the “Soft Reset”, commonly used by people who hunt for Shiny Pokemon. This combination will cause your game to reset to the title screen. You will lose all data since your last save, but no farther.

To do that, you press L, R, and either Start or Select. Your game will come back to the title screen. These are the steps on how to reset Pokemon X.

Good Pokemon X teams

With the release of Pokémon X game, generally, a whole new batch of Pokéfriends come to play and enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an adorable Froakie or any kind of world-killing and the mind-boggling game like Hawlucha, each and every Pokéchoice are tailor-made for a particular Pokéreason. 

Pokemon X

So, a group of Nintendo World Report staffers has given up their rosters for the entire world. It covers a concise explanation of why they select them.

Pokemon X After Game

The Post Game Champion Quests are motives that become evident only after their loss in the famous league known as Pokemon League. “With you can make a cool game intro in minutes”

You will find some major Post Game quests that came into existence after the clearance of several other events. Therefore, this page covers a bunch of verified checklist. If at all required, this page will connect to a different page containing a  plethora of information that covers walkthroughs as well.

Final Implication..!

Pokemon X New Game and Y are the 3D Pokemon games that fans have been waiting for all of these years for. An overly predictable plot and a hit and miss 3D feature are but a few blemishes on what’s otherwise an impeccable set of games. 

By allowing players to incorporate one of the three original starter Pokemon into their teams right near the beginning, X and Y instill a sense of nostalgia while still adding an obscene number of new features. 

Newcomers, veterans, and those that haven’t touched a Pokemon game in years should catch these games on the Nintendo 3DS or 2DS.

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