How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing Down Again And Again?

How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing Down Again And Again?
How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing Down Again And Again?

Gaming has become the last resort for many when they are constrained under a testing time. Whatever the game is, one game needs to be refined so that the gamer may play the game without any nexus Mods problems. This is where the modification or mods come. 

What is nexus mods?

Nexus mods are an important part that has been used mainly to help the game be modified so that the game becomes really easy to handle. These mods are disseminated between various games regarding the need of the game. They have been the highest-grossing side that has provided the modification to gamers. Some of the important gaming modifications provided by nexus mods are for the witchers, the game series of the elder scrolls and many more. 

All these modifications are provided to make sure that gaming is pretty good. But sometimes as it happens that you would be faced with a message

nexus mod manager not opening”. What influences such inconvenience? What are the probable ways to stop it from happening again and again? In this article, we will discuss it. 

What causes the text “nexus mod manager won’t start” to appear on your screen?

How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing Down Again And Again?
How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing Down Again And Again?

There are many reasons which can influence the convenient functionality of the nexus modification. All these problems cause the site to crash. Here are some of the reasons why it happens. 

  • Maybe the app is the problem: Many times as it happens, the app is the problem. It doesn’t matter what you do, it just doesn’t do it. Your app has so many things that need to be cleared. If it is not cleared off in time, it can create problems. 
  • Maybe the problem lies in the system: The system could be the problem too. The system will have to be checked in accordance with everything. The system is not very easy to use but very easy to modify. 
  • Maybe the problem lies with your system settings: If your system setting is set in a wrong way then you would have to just make sure that it is not. If the setting is set using the wrong information then it will just create a barrier to stop the modification again and again. 
  • Is your internet alright? Many times the problem lies with the internet too. If your internet is too weak then the modification that is needed in order to be worked just gets disrupted. Internet speed matters. 

How to fix the “nexus mod manager won’t open” mode?

How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing Down Again And Again?

Here you will be given many methods that will help you solve the recurring problem. 

  • The most used method: This method has been used as a resolution by many nexus mods users. Hopefully, it will help you too. 
    • Open the ‘Start Menu’ or click on the search button that is placed next to “Event Viewer”. Now you have to Click on the first option that will pop up when you click on the event viewer. 
    • After that, you will see the navigation menu. You will have to click on it. Now when you do it, you will see various entries of logs that will be leveled as ‘information log’. 
    • Now is the time to play detective. You have to match the time when you launch the nexus mod manager to that of the love entries. When you see the time matching, see for entries that start with “.NET runtime”,  “Application Error”, “Windows Error Reporting”.
    • You will have to choose “.NET runtime”. After clicking on it, you will be faced with tags such as will see “General”, “Details”, 
    • There will be an option downward and it will go like “be NexusClient.exe.”.
    • Click on it and you will see an entry that goes like “System.Xml.XmlException”. Hopefully launching this will help you find the solution you are seeking. 
  • Install the mod again: You will have to install the app again but uninstalling it might be a problem. Here is how. 
    1. You will have to delete the program using the administrator account of the modification manager. 
    2. After you have gone to the administrator manager, you have to Click on the Start menu and then open the control panel. Alternatively, if you are using windows 10 then you have to click on the gear icon.
    3. After you have opened the Control Panel, you have to select to view as ‘Category’ placed at the corner of the right corner. After seeing it, you have to click on Uninstall. 
    4. But if the setting app is used then you will be faced with many programs. All the programs will be visible. 
    5. You have to discover NMM in Control Panel
    6. NMM’s uninstall wizard should open easily. 
    7. You will be faced with a message saying: A message will pop up asking “Do you want to completely remove Nexus Mod Manager for Windows?” you will have to choose Yes.
    8. Now you have to download the game and install it again. Do it how you did it before. 
How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing Down Again And Again?
How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing Down Again And Again?
  • Change the setting of the system: You will have to change the setting of the nexus mod system much time as it happens it can create a problem in the functionality of the system 
    • First, you will have to turn on the System Restore setting on your PC.
    • You will have to search for System Restore using the Search button.
    • Now you have to click on Create a restore point.
    • You now have to go to the local c disk in your PC. 
    • After opening it you will see the protection setting. Now you have to see if it is set or not. If not, turn it on. 
    • Now you have to search for System Restore using the Search button
    • Go to the start menu
    • Now click on Create a restore point. 
    • Now you will see Inside the System Properties window
    • Now you have to click on System Restore
    • You will be given many options and from there you have to choose a different restore point
    • Hit on ‘next button’
    • Now you will.have to select the restore button that you had already saved or you can already choose some other too. Now open the nexus mods manager to see if it can be opened. 


Whenever you see ‘nexus mod manager not launching’, you can easily use all these methods to make sure that the mods are working properly. They are effective and efficient. The problems may seem small but it is enough to distress you. I hope it helps. 

How To Stop Nexus Mods From Crashing DownDiscussion
What is the nexus mods?The nexus mods is a modification system which helps the gamers to download the mods easily as it holds it all together in one site. 
What causes the text “nexus mod manager won’t start” to appear on your screen?There are many things that could cause the nexus mods to crash, similarly, there are many solutions you can use to solve it too. For more, read above. 

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