Top 5 Best PC Games You Should Consider Download In 2020


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Evolution in technology has taken competing to newer heights more so virtually, with PC gaming becoming more popular and almost overtaking gaming consoles. Increased gaming power, coupled with better graphics gives gamers a unique, one of a kind experience that leaves them yearning for more. Whether single or multiplayer, PC games are fulfilling to the player’s thirst for the competition from the comfort of their gaming space. 

But with hundreds, if not thousands of gaming sites and apps to choose from, gamers can find it daunting to make a choice. Plus, you may not have the patience in you to go through sites and stores, downloading games and playing them to identify the best one for you. This is why in this article, we’ve provided you with a great narrow-down selection of the best games. Starting with a few tips on choosing a PC game and getting comfortable, below is a list of top 5 best PC games you should consider downloading, so holster your controller and let the games begin.

Choosing A PC Game

When picking a PC game, you’ll first of all need to ensure that you have the necessary gear in place. Your PC should also have a high-quality graphics card, an ergonomic monitor, effective controls, and sufficient hard-disk space to allow a seamless experience. As of the PC specs, it’s important to note that different PC games have different requirements, so you’ll need to conduct some research beforehand. When picking a game, it’s also imperative to consider the game style and features that affect your gaming experience, including user-friendliness, giveaways, and the availability of multiplayer options.

Additionally, you’ll also want to invest in comfortable and ergonomic gaming furniture, as well as accessories that make your gaming experience better. According to the guys at, having a custom gaming pad can help improve your gameplay while looking cool and protecting your gaming mouse at the same time. It makes your gameplay more fun, and the same applies to mouse pads and gaming sleeves. With that in mind, let’s now take a long time to download some of the best 2020 PC games.

1. Rugby 20

For the fans of the brutal adrenaline game of rugby, this is the game for you. You’ll get to play with the best national as well as international teams in the biggest world leagues. As the player, you get to manage your team’s game plan from the start to completion of the game to give it that winning edge. This game is best suited for the multiplayer type of platform. 

2. Monster Hunter World: Iceborn

This game is set in an unknown environment yet to be detected by humans called Hoarfrost Reach. It is a land rich in disparate local monsters that can only survive in that particular unforgiving ecosystem. As the hunter, you get to pursue in different environments like deep ice and snow trenches that’ll slow you down, pliable ground that could collapse anytime to relaxing hot springs. Go on the hunting quests armed with advanced weaponry with each having unique abilities.

3. Return of the Obra Dinn

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If you are into puzzles and solving mysteries, then grab your magnifying glass here is a mystery for you. It’s about an old merchant ship that went missing, the worst assumed for it, then shows up in a port 5 years later. As an Obra Dinn player, it’s your mission to board the ship, solve the mystery of the numerous skeletons, missing crew, busted canons while embracing the surprise sound and violence. This game demands a high level of scrutiny in detail.

4. TemTem

Of course, we can’t forget the gamer that yearns for the way of the Pokémon. Embrace and customize your character as you travel to the far reaches of the Archipelago Islands to find and tame the best TemTem; a race of gentle creatures that live in harmony with humans. Attain your mission to tame a TemTem while battling the evil clan Belsito.

5. Praetorians

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For those of you who love a good old gladiator fight, well, welcome to the arena. Set in the ancient Roman Empire; to get here and become the Emperor, you have to fight in Egypt, warfare arenas of Gaul and prove you can oust the sitting emperor in the heart of the empire in Italy. In Praetorians, the fight is grueling as you have to defeat the empires of various troops who possess advanced weaponry. You are ready to be the Emperor when you defeat the most formidable of them all; the Praetorian Guard.

These games have an added feature where you can customize the game itself or the characters within, to make the experience even better. They are readily available to download online as long as your PC meets the requirements; they have improved graphics so you need high-performance video graphics cards. Whether you choose a single-player or multiplayer podium, these games will ensure your heart is pumping all the way. One thing is certain, though with the right skills, you’ll always emerge as the winner. 

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